...:::as cold as winter:::'''

''Damn, its freezing outside !''
mumbled one of my friend as he watch the weather news on the Tv, reffering to the degress of 2 celcius.

Its really cold today, even the sun cannot erase the coldness of the air.even the water are as cold as ice.

So what can we see from this situati0n? Thats how islam is n0wadays,cold, freezed..

''billion of ants cannot stick together if we separate them''

thats the analogy used by 'our' foe to weakened us,to make sure they can rule us..

ALLAH S.W.T has warned us in the Quran :
''and the yahuds or nasoro will n0t let u go (redho) until u follow them (their relegi0n, way of life)''

so be str0ng,n we must keep ourselves prepared,till the day c0me that islam will shine again, banishing the coldness that erupted up0n us..

''An-nur kaifa zuhurihi..
in lam yakun damna wuqud..
Wal Quds kaifa nuieduha..
In lam yakun nahnu junud..''

Dear blog...

Dear blog..

I 1st created u..
Just for fun-fun,
Just to write bout me..
And on U i typed everything..
Till one day i got bored.

Dear blog,

Suddenly i got to kn0w..
masters of m0tivati0nals..
and so on..
these gives me spirit..
to write you back to life my blog.

Dear blog,

then c0me the pr0blems to me..
should i 'malayin' u..
Or should i 'englishin' u..
Or just 'malay+english' like others?..
I don't want to be like others..
Lets create my own identity.

Dear blog..

Then came the blow..
My lappy is g0ne..
I lost the place to type..
But with high m0tivati0n..
I will update u..
T0 share my idea with others..

The sun has risen? Or what?

assalamualaikum to all..

Peace and a very much syukr to Allah for still giving me the chance to live.
And make sure i can share my effort n knowledges with others.

I just cured from a very bad flu.
Its so bad that i can't even sleep or eat for two days
( allahummasolli 'ala muhamad )..

Wow,weird isn't it?
But i'm n0t going to talk bout this.
Let the past be the past..

What i want to talk is bout a very fam0us (or n0t fam0us) phrases am0ng islamic kn0wledge student,
Can u guess it already?

Its bout a phrase sounded
'' i believe in islam cause i see the sun has risen, n0t because i see it,but because i see s0mething else''

what can we take fr0m these words?
Here c0mes my questi0ns to you all..

Questi0n 1 :
believe in islam because the sun has risen?
If s0meday the sun doesn't rise,what will we believe? Do we still believe in islam?

Questi0n 2 :
n0t because i see it (the sun of course) but because i see something else.
What did see? What really you see? The land? Japan (the land of the risen sun?) or your house?

Thats all my questi0n. I really h0pe s0me0ne do give me resp0nes for my questi0ns.

'jangan biarkan diri anda diselubungi misteri'

hehehe :-)

A word a day means a phares someday

Today i'll talk 'bout learning other languages, like arabic for example.

For beginners, its maybe hard to learn and understand new language,.

But don't panic, being 'alien' to other language doens't means its the end of you.

Try to mem0rize a word a day, a new word pe day and its meaning in your language.

After a m0nth,you surely can slowly speak this new language, though n0t so g0od but its okay than zero kn0wledges,

After five m0nths, you are n0w a fluently speaker of this new language.trust me, i've being there.

Enjoy learning your new language folks..!

''an apple a day keeps the doctor away''

:-) :-) :-)

Be strong, or you are going to lose

Everyone must always thinking about changing,

Changing from bad to good, lazy to not lazy, angry to cool, ect ect..

But always take note, to change is not as easy as its looks,

going from bad to ok means, we just announce ourselves to war with syaitan and ''nafsu'',

do you think these two will let you change easily? Do you think you can faces them alone?

NOBODY can handle them alone. Every0ne needs a helping hand, and needs cooperation to win this war.

Lets us WIN this war !


''al muslim akhuw al muslim''

So you think?

So you think you are the great?
Make sure you make yourself greater than today..

So you think lifes always happy?
Make yourself happier every day..

So you think bad luck always come to you?
Fight the bad luck,be confidence and lady luck will smile to you..

So you think you are n0t as go0d as every0ne?
Think that they actually the same stage as you..

''We are what we think''

''Always think positive''

Wake uP!! Wake uP!!

I just started to feel a little bit fresh today,

After being hit by flu n coughness,

I think for about a week or so,

This body always felt week and sorrow,

Now tomorrows a new day,

Forget what happened for the least of way,

Wake up fuad for you got a world to conquer,

And make sure the world kn0w, you are here,

whateva la.hahaha..

Greater effort, Greater achievement

Ever heard of a wisdom's word :

''the bigger boat you have, the longer you can stay on the sea''

Well i doesn't really meant we must buy a boat, what i really meant is, with better effort you are putting in, the better you result you will get.

We must always be preacise n practikal, don't just dreaming of achieving something without laying some sweat.

''no football match are won without kicking a ball''

just a little motivation to share with you guys

Win your life as a fighter or spare the courage as a loser.

Win your life as a fighter or spare the courage as a loser.

Same old ‘boring’ life

We sleep, wake up, eat and work, another day the routine are the same as the first, sleep, wake up, eat and work and so the life goes on. The question I am giving you all here, are we satisfied with our life? Or are we just happy with what we got, and not intend to upgrade our life?

Satisfaction is a MUST

Have you ever watching the coca-cola ads on television? Well, the quotes that they ( the coca-cola company) use in promoting their drink is quite ‘catchy’ for me. “Satisfaction” is their main motto. Lets say, I do agree with them. We only can live once, and this ONCE-IN-A-LIFETIME chance must being filled with full of satisfaction, not just doing it with dull and boring lifeover and over and over again.

Japan” lifestyle

Raise your head, and looks upon the country of the rising sun, Japan and we can really see the true meaning of satisfaction in our life, our some will call it “Live life the fullest”. The Japanese really appreciating their life to its full limits, not really wasting a minutes of their life. They will create something (e.g.: cars, handphones, robots, apps) to its really amazing shapes, even Tokyo is one of the most crowded and amazing city in the world ( tell me if I am wrong, I will aceept cooments)

Islam is the greatest

So what do we, as a musleem have done to upgrade our life? To  make islam a very very respectful among mosleem and non-mosleem? Are we satisfied that islam have stayed the same org even worse than before to those who oppose islam, or to those who doesn’t know islam? What are we doing, or planning to do? Lets do it together mny brothers and sisters of musleems. Together we change tose mindsets of non-musleems in making islam beong accepted throughout the world.

Have a break? Have a “kit-kat”

Need a Break?

Whenever you are too busy with work..
And too tired to do many things..
And too being heavily burdened by workloads..
And too stressful with homework..
And too alone to have friends around you..
Have a break!!
Have a KIT-KAT..

The reality..

Sounds like a commercial break, right?
But it is not, I just really gotten into this kit-kat philosophy..
It really teach us to be cool and relax in every situation..
Yeah..i meant it..Because I had already felt it..

Be cool..

By relaxing, it really makes my mind move freely, and make my brain work successfully.
Even in a day I felt soooooo tired..
But by relaxing my mind, its really help me a lot in making sure,.
All my work are not left behind,.
Allah said in the Quran..
“By remembering Allah your heart(and mind) will be relaxed..”

Appreciating life by giving to others..

Life moves away..

Life is something sooooooo short.
Its goes smooth and silently..without even we cannot feel it went away..
trust me..many philosophers and motivators have stated it.
the more we live our life..
the faster the time went away..
Its like an ant walking down a big table..
the ant cannot even feel a slight movement if the table was moved..
because the ant is soooo small to feel it.

How to appreciate life?

Well,,many ways and styles that people use to appreciate life..
But the easiest way is to benefiting others.
Yes thats right..
By benefiting others..we will feel the true meaning of life..
Give others your helping hand..
Trust me..its really make your life feel better..
Others can be happy,,and so are you..

So what to do?

So the easiest way is..
Change your lifestyle now..
If you currently live a quite life..
just thinking of yourself..
change it..
make sure you live your life by benefiting others..
and you will surely find that..
YOur life is happier than ever..

Knowledges is not what we see..its what we seek..



Hiyya fellas...

As a muslim i'm proud to start my day with Allah's name, and by praying for others safety..

Okay todays topic, Knowledges..

I like this statement, knowledges is not what we see, its what we seek..

Yes. students nowadays doesn't seek knowledges, but they just see it..not all, but majority of students nowadays are like that, believe me or not?

Lets say, students today just go to school, college, than take note from teacher and lecturers, then return home..
wait for the exam n wallllahhhhh.,. settle the study and go to work. is that just how life should turn out to be?

Its just like a mom feed her kids, just like that,,where are the spirit of seeking knowledges..how do islam can return to greatness if the muslim doesn't seek it?

Knowledges = greatness, 
So those who acquired greatness, acquired it by knowledges.

Come on. lets all change our mind set, SEEK out knowledges, not just SEE it in the class or books, LOOks for other related books for one topic, and make sure, we are the great among othes..

Remember, SEEK the knowledges, not SEE it...

Rasulullah SAW had stated in his hadeeth, :

"Man arodaddunya fa'alaihi bi ilmi, waman arodal akhiroh fa'alaihi bi'ilmi, waman arodahuma fa'alaihi bi ilmi"

"Those who seek (greatness) at life, must do so with knowledges, and those who seeks ( happiness) at hereafter, must do with knowledges. and those who seek both ( life and hereafter) must do so wtih knowldges.

Less spirit battle it with hardworking

Many people are born with cleverness..
But maybe the life of the people that change their thinking..
And many are not so high spirit..

Many want to be successful..
But with less guidance, and less spirit..
Many just failed half-way..

Be precise..
And be hardworking..
Do your job clearly..
But don't be dispirited with certain hardship..

You are the man/woman who will shape your life..

the more careful you shape it..
The more beautiful it will become..
The future starts from now..

Holiday in jordan..

1 Jan New Year's Day.
26 Feb Mawlid al-Nabi (Birth of the Prophet).
2 Apr Good Friday.
5 Apr Easter Monday.
1 May Labour Day.
25 May Independence Day.
10 Jun Army Day.
9 Jul Prophet's Ascension.
11 Aug Ramadan begins.
10 Sep Eid al-Fitr (End of Ramadan).
16 Nov Eid al-Adha (Feast of the Sacrifice).
7 Dec Islamic New Year.
25 Dec Christmas.

source :wikipedia.

This is the holiday so far that i found on wikipedia about the holiday of Jordan, But so far, i found it kinda weird.. Why? Because Jordan doesn't really take seriously about public holiday.. serious!!!

For example, the Israk Mi'raj. Normally in Malaysia there will be public holiday for israk mi'raj. to really celebrate and remember the day (27 Rejab) of israk mi'raj and its syariah and the godd for this day to us muslim.. 

But in jordan. theres no holiday like that, seriously its make me wonder, whene is they will make it public holiday if not for the remembrance of islamic day. 

So yesterday i chat my friend, at the same university ( Mutah) but different course.

But to my surprise, my friend said theres no holiday, hahaha.. what more, he said, even for Jordan independence Dayd they still doesn not declare it a holiday. 

" cuti apenya fuad, hari kemerdekaan diorang pon diorang tak cuti, ni plak israk mi'raj..pelik batul arab nih.,."

Real or not? Trus or not? i don't know. He's my senior and i just trust him,,hahaha..

p/s ;
(',) rindu kopok lekor n nasi dagang,,huhuuhu..

ISLAM..as i see it..

Sometimes life is so complex..
Even we cannot really see the flow of it..
Today you wake up being a NORMAL people..
Who knows tomorrow you are gonna being installed as KING..

The longer we live..
The longer we must contribute to ISLAM..
Expect something less..
If you are giving less..
Thats the concept of PAHALA n DOSA..

Walk down the street..
Feeling sorrow..
When you are alone..
Allah there for you..

What we are today..
Maked the future of ISLAM tomorrow..
Make yourself better..
for the better of ISLAM tomorrow..and forever,..
long live ISLAM..!!!

Always have plan B ,C for success..

Theres a man (a play-maker) carrying the ball, and he jinked past three defenders, looked up, watch two of his team-mates ( both of them strikers) and make an acute-through pass through the defenders, and walllllahhh..it reach the feet of one of them, and its resulted in goal. 

Heres another match, and the same man is carrying the hope of the nation, as a playmaker he really have to carved open the opponents defenses, but this time its different, he was tightly marked for the whole game, the manager doesn't even have a plan B,C tactics, and as a result, they lost and out of the tournament.

Friends. thats how our life also can turn out to be. If we only depends our life on a one-off plan, we are doom. trust me, its true Qada' and Qadar in Allah's fate, but its our choice to make it, because Allah will not change the fate of human unless these same human change it themselves first. So, we must ready to change.

If we saw that our life is trembling, lead to a failure, than don't afraid to change. Don't afraid to use plan B, C. If we saw that the way we studied doesn't improve our result, than change the way we read books, or the way our life with lecturers..its really important to prepare ourselves for any circumstances that we will go through.

As it is famously quoted :
"The failure to plan means we plan ourselves to failure"

Forget the PAAAAST..its dead,,the future is our target..

Felt so LET down by the PAST?
Just buried it. NO Use of you to cry for the bad things that happen in the past, no use to cry for bad luck of the past, its just cannot be undone, instead, look for the future.

Yes you can say that its easier said than done, but its easier to try for the newe life than regret for the past, you know. 

Imam Ghazali once asked his students, "what is the most furthest thing for human?" His student answered everything, China, the moon, the sun at the sky, the stars. Imam Ghazali said that all the answers is correct, but the most correct is TIME. We cannot undo the past, cannot predict the future, and cannot really catch the present. SO,. use your time wisely instead of remembering the sad, bad past.

Remember, the future is design for us to reach it from now, not to regret it after we past it. SO, lets change our life now for a better future..

HAve a Target? Go for it..

Have a target? so what are you waiting for?

Hit the START Button an go for it..DOn't just wasting your time sitting and talking bout' something you said you wanna achieve but you merely doing nothing to achieve it, its just talk and talk and talk? NO-thing can you achieve.

When oliver and wilbur wright wanted to fly like a bird, they didn't just talk and dream till' they die. BUt they work hard to achieve it, the design a plan, they study the flow of the wind, they check how the pressure of the wings, and walllllahhhh...there you have it, a plane prepared for you to fly everywhere.

 SO, just sit back and relax doesn't really appropriate to use in achieving your target, this quotes only better being use in an airplane, not for you STUDENTS or dream-catcher people.

So please !!!... start to achieving your target now, its now or never, A country cannot win world cup if they doesnt preapare for their team mentally and physically from the first trainiing, instead, they will get a big mualing for not ready (world cup mode)

MAke yourselF USeful..

If you cannot fixed soething, don't destroy it..

If you cannot beat em'..join em'..

Thats the way that every muslim should know..and apply it in their life. You know, sometimes we doesn't know our true USE in this life until we can really face the situation.

U all see, Allah created us in many ways, many shape and races, different colour of skin and truly different brain. But, we all can contribute to a same point, making the world a better place to live, and make sure islam is being respected by all, not being afraid to.

SO, have you tought of what you can contribute to ISLAM? i don't care wether you studied islamic or not, engineering, or teacher, or many others, as long the spirit is in you, make yourself useful for islam. Thats the true way of life, and thats what many youngster reaaaaaaaaaaaally failed to see. If you think life is just for fun, just for hepi-hepi joli-joli.. Then its not the true purpose of life for you.

LIVE yourself USEFUL for others, and you will find others USEFUL for YOU..

What you think..makes the next you are..

Be hepi..
When your life is 'dead'..

Be steady..
After your life seems destroyed,,

Be strong..
So the test of your life become weak..

Be wise..
When the life's so difficult..

What you think and mindset..
Will determined the goes of your life...

Think positiff always...
It makes the world goes round..

We destroy earth on our own..

Okeh i am stopping here bout jordan arabic for a while, maybe i will continue it after this. I want to talk about global warming,. Lame? so old-thinking? Hey..don't make any desicion too fast before you can really know whats going on.

Okay,,why i talk about global warming? Because the earth is soooo hot now. in Malaysia, for example. the normal temperatuer nowadays is about 30 something right? Thats not really normal for a khatulistiwa climate country like malaysia. and what do you know? there are some time that not even a raindrop of water fell from the sky/ Why? Because the earth is sick.

Thats in Malaysia. What about in Arabs countries? yeah i know its summer now, but to being sooo hot day and night, its really absurd. In Jordan for example..the day's temperature can reach about 34 or 37 Celsius everyday. and night? maybe 32 Celsius. You see, even the night is hot, !!!

This global warming happens because the job of peoples' hand. Its the inhabitants of earth that really destroy earth, not aliens or some creature from outer space. Its the people who destroy the earth themselves. Like that being state in the Al-Quran al-Karim : Surah Ar-Rum, 41 : 

"so there being the destruction on land and sea because of the hand of the people, and Allah wanted them (people) to taste the destruction themselves, So that they will return (to the truth, al-Haq )

Return to Allah and return to islam. Islam is a relegion of peace, a "deen al-aman". There we can really guide ourselves to make the earth we live more lively.

p/s : Al-fatihah to al-marhum Ustaz Hassan Shukri. may Allah reward you with His promise of the Jannah (heaven) for your work in making Islam being truly respected. He ( Allah) will not broke His promise to those who fight for Islam. Allahuakbar..!!

Lets learn Jordan arabic.."At a mini market"

Here i share another example of simple conversation in Jordan arabic ; At a mini market..

Legends : 
A-a Girl       B-a woman shopkeeper

A: Assalamu3alaikum

B: wa3alaikumussalam.. ahlan, ahlan (welcome2x)
A: hala'bik,. Keif halik?
(Thanks, How are you aunty? )

B:alhamdulillah maleeh.. shu ikhbarik enti?
(alhamdulillah im fine.. what about you?)
A:Alhamdulillah, kuwayyis.. kullu ishi tamam bi fadhlillah. 
wallah, mustaaqlik ya sitti, keif ayyamik?
(alhamdulillah, fine also.. Everything is ok with Allah's bless.. Wallah, I miss you so much..
 How's your day?)

B:mustaaqlik el-afiah.. wallah hai ni zai ma enti shafiyyin. 
Keif ad-dawam wa dirousah taba3tik?
(may your miss being blessed.. wallahi i am as how you see me.. 
Hows your learning?)
A:Alhamdulillah.. masyi hallum.. wallah solli usbu3 ma marreit 3endik.. 
kef mahal? hatteiti ishi jaded wala ba3dik?
(alhamdulillah, everythings okay.. wallah i haven't being here for a week.. 
How's your bussiness? Have you got something new?)

B:ya3ni ha, mush katir ziadeh bas fi shuwai.. biddik ishi ya sitti? umurni..
(well..i have some new stock but not so much really. What do you want? just tell me)
A:Endik malaffat min nao3 kuwayyis bilhajam wasat? 
biddiah 3ashan ahut bahas taba3ie fih..
(Have you got some file with normal size? 
I need it to put my research paper)

B:wallahi fi.. tafadhdholi heik kulluh nus dinar bas..
(wallah i do have that..here, just 50 cents)
A:tafadhdholi hai nus lera.. yalla narok ya 3ammah... ma3asalamah
(Here aunty.. This is 50 cents.. ok, we'll meet again aunty, ..)

B: ya hala' ya hala'... ilalliqa'
(no problem.. we'll meet again soon)

Lets learn Jordan arabic.."Simple basics jordan arabic 2"

Here the continuation of Jordan arabic vocabs that you all can use easily..Be cheerful to learn..chaiyok2..haha..

Syusmak? :
Whats your name?

Keiffak? keif halak? syuakhbarok? :
How are you ?

Isylounak? :
How are you ? (same with keifak/keif halak)

Ana jakhkhoh / ana tamam :
Im feeling great.. (jakhkhoh is more "UP" than tamam)

lesh ta'akhkhorta? :
Why are you late?

Ruh! Itlak barroh! :
Go ! Get LOST !!

eish ismak? Syu ismak? syusmak? :
What is your name?

Aan jad? / bizzobt..? :

hassa :

Ana baruh ila :
I want to go to..

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