Well fellas...
To go into battlefield..
You must prepare..
Sketch a plan..
Unveiled perfect tactics..
If not perfect..
But it must be efficient..
That also goes the same..
When you lay your feet..
Into the darkest world..
of University..
Why I said dark?
Its totally a different world..

Forgive me ( Allah s.w.t..)

Laying in the darkness..
Like theres no hope..
Too many sins and mistakes..
I had done..
I know I am not perfect...
Realized from this mistake..
Waking up from..
The temptations of the world..
I want to return..
To the right guidance..
With all my heart..

Friendship and Ukhuwah...

I manage to..
Get a hold on..
My long lost friends..
Well..maybe for about..
4 years..or 5 years..
It shocked me..
How a long lost connection..
Can easily be fonded together...
I started to think..
Maybe it crossed my minds..
That the power of friendship..

Headache..Yes !!!

See my little friend,...
 TOTO the tortoise up there?..
He seems to felt what i felt today,,
You guess it right fellas..
Ive been hit by a virus..
The Headache virus..
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