Applying what we have learn to the real world...

Applying what we learnt

Continuing from my previous entry..about i got a chance to learn from Dr Abdul Malek As-Saadi and Dr Abdul Razak As-Saadi for one night, i remember one piece of advice that had been said to us the Malaysian Students..

"What is important in life learning is to learn, but the most important thing than learning is to apply what we had learn"

So he ( Dr Abdul Malek As-Saadi ) give an aayah from Al-Quran stating about this whole applying things..

"كبر مقتا عند الله ان تقولوا ما لا تفعلون,,يا ايها اللذين امنوا لما تقولون ما لا تفعلون" 

As-Saff 61:verse 1-2

Which can be translated as :
"OO mu'minin ( the one who believed in Allah ) why are you not doing or applying the thing that you said? Allah's angriness are so upon those who said but did not apply what they said."

Doing things that didn't being applied? 

This two verse of Al-Quran show that Allah really give a big attention to applying things we (humans) know, and not just by learning or saying it. Its no use if we know something bt we did not apply it in our life and sharing it with people around us. Let me give you something to think, what are the use of a can opener if we didn't use it to open a can? what are the use of a boat if we didn't row it on the water?  That's the same theory that can be said upon learning but didn't apply it in our life. Got the idea?

Important or not ?

Allah s.w.t have stated it in Surah As-Saff, and He stated this at the begining of the surahs, at verse 1-2, not in the middle of it or the end of it, meaning applying something we had learnt are more important and maybe the most important things in our life..if it is not, why Allah stated it in the beginning of the verse? Got the idea? 

Lets change

So lets us chage from today, we learnt something, we shared it with people, we apply it in our life, learnt something, even the slightest of it, we apply it, no chance of letting it passed away without others getting the benefits from us also.

Bittaufiq wannajahh

TO achieve great learning WE must learn from the greatest..

Dr Abdul Malek n Dr. Abdul Razak As-Saadi

I'm so proud to see and watch Ulama right in front of my own eyes, to listen to their words of wisdoms, and to learn and getting something from them. Tonight PERMATA have invited the grand ulama of Iraq, DR Abdul Malik Abd Rahman As-Saadi and DR Abdul Razak Abdul Rahman As-Saadi to come and give talk about learning to us, the students of Jordan. So great and nice feeling to shake hands, hug and getting advices from them. And i got to know that both of them are coming from The Rasulullah's Bayt ( Alil Bayt ) What are more fortunate than this? 

Ulama are heirs to Rasulullah s.a.w

Well we know Ulama is the heir to Rasulullah s.a.w, so if not them we want to listen, then who should we look up to? The singers like Backstreet Boys or Westlife or Justin Bieber? or actors like Tom Cruise or Nicholas Cage? No no no...

Learning direct or indirect

The theory to learning is we must learn from someone that are worth to teach us, be it by direct or indirect one. Learning from indirect means we learn while talking to someone about their knowledges, like how to do things, from their experience, from what they know..Learning directly means we learn at school, or at university, we go to class, teacher comes in, they teach us, we listen, take note, then studied, then we take exams, then we get our result. End of story..So these are the kind of learn that we humans have been taught upon us from our early years of life, from our birth i mean.hehe

Theres a hadiths from Rasulullah s.a.w says :

"Learning curve are from our birth to our deaths.."

4 things to achieve to great learning
Okay we go back to the main stories up there.While at the program with PERMATA and those two Ulama, Dr Abdul Malek as-Saadi begin his talk about learning by giving us 4 theories to great learning.

They are :     عالما, عاملا, سالمل, و لازم الاداب that can be translate as Knowing, Applying, Sharing and learn by the rules (adab)

Looking back through history, Imam Shafie have give us six main details to learn., they are :
ذكاء, حرس, اجتهاد, بغة,طول الزمان, ارشاد الاستاذ  these six gives means to Geniuses, Keep hold of the knowledge, Always have the spirit to learn, having the willing to learn, for many years, and with the guidance of a teacher..

SO there you have 10 ways and theories of learning, so up to you to apply all of this in your life or not..

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