A word a day means a phares someday

Today i'll talk 'bout learning other languages, like arabic for example.

For beginners, its maybe hard to learn and understand new language,.

But don't panic, being 'alien' to other language doens't means its the end of you.

Try to mem0rize a word a day, a new word pe day and its meaning in your language.

After a m0nth,you surely can slowly speak this new language, though n0t so g0od but its okay than zero kn0wledges,

After five m0nths, you are n0w a fluently speaker of this new language.trust me, i've being there.

Enjoy learning your new language folks..!

''an apple a day keeps the doctor away''

:-) :-) :-)


waswas said...


zamanislam said...

tq waswas.hehe

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