Don't Give Up

What you cannot achieve now, put a target to get it later

Many people think that whenever they fail at something NOW they are doomed to fail forever


That is a totally wrong way of thinking

What we cannot achieve now, maybe it will be within our grasp later

Sultan Muhammad al-Fateh had a dream since he was a little boy, to conquer Costantinople and free its people from the Jahiliyyah

When did he achieve his dream?

20 years later.. when he was a young Sultan

So don't give up.. never give up

What cannot kill us should make us stronger

Teh Tarik Teh Ais

Malaysia is a unique and special country, and this can be seen in many aspects such as the peoples' hospitality, the weather, the nature, the food and drinks and many more.

Today I will talk about one of Malaysian favourite drinks, loves by Malaysian from all generations and ethnics, that is Tea or simply 'teh'.

Unlike the British people, majority of Malaysian love to drinks tea in two types, Teh Tarik (Hot tea with milk) or Teh Ais (Ice Milk tea).

In whichever situation or time, morning, afternoon, evening or supper, teh tarik or teh ais will be the ultimate choice. In any situation, bussiness discussion, loitering or lepak with friends, these two tea will be drank by Malaysian from all sorts of life.

If you happen to travel to Malaysia ( wether for long term or just short stopping trip) don't forget to taste this two tea made famous in Malaysia.

Who does not love them?



“What did Muslims actually do in mosque during prayer times? Did they sing? Did they hold a choir memorial? Did they read books or oath loudly? Did they knee to a statue as their God?” These are question asked by Michael Smith, an architect from United Kingdom when he suddenly come across Muslims going to pray in a mosque during evening (Asr prayer) and that mosque happen to be opposite of his newly opened office in the middle of the town. The truth is Michael always believe the media, he believe that these Muslims are training to become a terrorists in mosque, and the prayer time and prayer calls (athan) are training siren.

“Well Michael, you know as they say, seeing believes. I will take you to the mosque” replied Mehmet, a Britton of Turkish origin who is a Muslim himself, who happens to be his co-partner at the office.
“Actually I want to ask these questions long time ago since my studies day but there’s no one for me to ask for, and since I knew you are a Muslim also I hope you can brief me about this” said Michael unsatisfied with Mehmet answer.

Realising Michael really seeks the answer, Mehmet replied: “Well mate, like I said, seeingbelieves. I don’t want to answer to you; I want to take you to the mosque to see it and experience it for yourself. Let’s go!!” Then Mehmet take Michael to the mosque opposite their office. There for the first time Michael see, watch and even try to learn the movement of Muslim prayer. He saw Muslims from all sorts of background, rich, poor, tall, short, fat, skinny, white skin or black skin, Asian, European, African, all line up together, doing prayer together. That action fell to his heart. And from that day although not a Muslim, Michael learns to respect and appreciate Muslims prayer
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The main point here is non-Muslims they want to know what Muslims are doing during our congregation, praying time. Muslims should invite non-Muslims friend to come to the mosque and watch how the Muslims pray. It is not a sin inviting non-Muslims to church, and it had been practiced by Rasulullah SAW before. We should promote Islam by showing to our non-Muslims friend the true reality of our religion, not just by hiding or scared to tell them.

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Allah is the One and Only God. What does Non-Muslim know about Allah? Who is Allah? What is Allah? Well let us all know.

Allah is the God that Muslim worship, He is not neither born nor begotten. Allah doesn’t have and shapes, size, measure, image or anything. Muslim believe that only after the Judgement days that Allah can be seen.  Allah didn’t live in any castle, palace or house (like some Greek Gods live), or doesn’t live in any place. He is the ruler. He can be anywhere He wants to. Allah knows everything, not every single thing happening in this universe not known to Him.

If there’s a Muslim who doesn’t believe in Allah, or believe that there is other God beside Allah, his believe is not true according to true Muslim’s belief. All Muslim believe that Allah is the only God that has powers on all of things, all of happenings. In Arabic it is called Tauhid al-Rububiyyah, meaning “Believing that only Allah can creates, have powers and control over everything” The word “have powers and control over everything” can be explained that only Allah create human, animals, insects, trees, plants, the mountains, the clouds, earth, moon, other planets, our universe, galaxy and many other things such as disease, nature, virus, rain, and everything. He is the one that creates, rule, govern, own, and can destroy it when the correct time comes (judgement day).

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Another belief of Muslim is called Tauhid al-Uluhiyyah, or can be translated as “Believing that only Allah is the true God that Muslim had to know, approve, and worship, there’s no other God beside Allah and no other things equal to be worshipped as Allah”. This can be said that if there’s a Muslim believe that Allah had a subordinate, a demi-God (half god) or other God equal, lower or powerful than Allah than this belief is wrong. Totally, totally wrong!!! 

Question been asked, why only one God? Isn’t it easier for God or Allah to have many subordinates God to help in controlling the universe, the world? OK let’s talk and discuss about this logically.

Let’s say there is a country called Country A. This Country A has a government, and the country rules stated that the one who rule the country is the most powerful person in charge, the President. OK get the idea so far? What if there are two Presidents in Country A, who is the most powerful one? President X and President Y surely both cannot have full powers, right? Not having full powers means that they are not powerful yet, and by sharing powers also mean they are not so powerful because they both share and depend on each other.

So change this President title into God, and you will get the same idea. No God is powerful enough if that God have to depend on others, and not powerful enough if that God have to share power with other God. Remember Hercules story where Zeus were defeated by Hades, even though Zeus is the most powerful God of Greek. Shame isn’t it? Right? That is not the true image of a powerful God. That is why for Islam, and Muslim, and advisable to all non Muslim to accept that Allah is the One and Only God, the Most Powerful. 

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