Sinking without trace..

A very rude man..
Once told me..
I will be the best in this knowledge..
And get great result..
Without studying..
Because he he think that..
He is a genius..(??)
What an arrogant attitude..
So as time goes by..
He now almost getting expelled from his university..
For pooor results..
How great thing can change,,right??
Nauzubillah min zaalik...

Read,. Memorize..Learn..

After finishing classes..
Me and my friend went to Amman..
A big and main city in Jordan..
So i went to a Bookshop..(Maktabah)..
Soooooooo many books of many genres there,,
Truly a heaven for me..
So while searching for some hadeeth books..
I met this guy..
A clean, good looking man..
His name, Sheikh Ahmad Jarrar..
After a little chat..
He taught me many things about being a student..
He said that,,as a student..
We must conquer three simple step in learning..
Read - Do read the books that we studied..
Memorize - As students of many subjects, memorize the notes and important things so the knowledges stay in our head..
Learn - its compulsory for us to learn with teachers..Learning alone are like learning from a stupid things.. hard to get them..

So hard to get knowledge right?
As for me..
After reading half of Madkhal ila Fiqh Islami..
After making great notes about it..
I found this subject getting harder and harder,..
Its true that a saying...
"The more you learn the more you don't know"...
I wonder how great islamic scholars manage to...
Wrote, read and memorise so many knowledge..
We a weaker than those of the past,..
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