Parents blessing..

Whatever we do, no matter how hard we study, how clever and great we are in studying, don't forget to get our parents blessing, Their blessing in our life is more meaningful than any other gold or treasure. Please, don't forget our parents, not a single minutes. Me, as i can say, never forget my parents, peace be to god Allah for His blessing in me, and i always pray for my parents healthiness  and God's bless upon them. 

You know, at Rasulullah's time, when Rasulullah ask his Sahabat ( God bless on them ) to go for Jihad to defend their Islam from their enemy, all the sahabat answer Rasulullah's call with high spirit and jihad in them, and this include a young boy. But suprisingly for the young boy, Rasulullah stop him, after three time of attemting to join the jihad call, Rasulullah still stop him. So the boy ask Rasulullah why, and Rasulullah said that does he ask for his parents blessing or not? He said that he did not ask from them, so Rasulullah told him that parents blessing is important even to go jihad. 

So my friend, if jihad also we must ask for our parents blessing, what about this studying life of us? So ask for your parents to pray for you, and insyaAllah you will be successful in your studying.

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