Always have plan B ,C for success..

Theres a man (a play-maker) carrying the ball, and he jinked past three defenders, looked up, watch two of his team-mates ( both of them strikers) and make an acute-through pass through the defenders, and reach the feet of one of them, and its resulted in goal. 

Heres another match, and the same man is carrying the hope of the nation, as a playmaker he really have to carved open the opponents defenses, but this time its different, he was tightly marked for the whole game, the manager doesn't even have a plan B,C tactics, and as a result, they lost and out of the tournament.

Friends. thats how our life also can turn out to be. If we only depends our life on a one-off plan, we are doom. trust me, its true Qada' and Qadar in Allah's fate, but its our choice to make it, because Allah will not change the fate of human unless these same human change it themselves first. So, we must ready to change.

If we saw that our life is trembling, lead to a failure, than don't afraid to change. Don't afraid to use plan B, C. If we saw that the way we studied doesn't improve our result, than change the way we read books, or the way our life with lecturers..its really important to prepare ourselves for any circumstances that we will go through.

As it is famously quoted :
"The failure to plan means we plan ourselves to failure"

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Siti said...

Saya suka artikel ni..sgt2 mberi ilham kepada sy tgh2 buntu ni. Thanks for sharing!

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