Allah, people and you : A perspective..

Too much book and you are a nerd,

Too much play and you are a jerk,

Too much for yourself your life's a gloom,

Too much socializing and your life's gonna doom,

Whenever, whatever and wherever you are remember this 


Pray and zikr all that you might, 

And surely Allah the Almighty will never leave you out of 

His sight..

You are not alone..

Never and ever you will be alone..

Cause Allah is with us always...

reviving islamic spirit,,,,..

Student's life...whats more can beat this LIFE?

Student's Life is the best life we ever had...

I don't care if its a school life, or campus life, or vocational campus life, or whatsoever..

As long as it is while we are students and we enjoy it, than its a great life.


Watching this film ( as pictured above ) really make me appreciate student's life..

I think this film make me really want to forever be in campus life.. a life i think most enjoyable in my whole life..

Well..why i found student's life is the most enjoyable?

Lets see..

Do you think when can you wake up late, with nothing to do, then sleep the whole day?

Do you think when can you stay up with you friends, have a chit chat, play futsal late at night, then go to nearby night stalls to have a drink, or supper while watching people or football match live on telly?

Do you think when can you and your friends have a little crazy day, planning something or going somewhere far just to spend your boring day, then return to your hostel late at night tired but happy?

Do you think when can you all learn the reality life of love and hate, cheat and be faithfull with girldfriend or boyfriend, meet others and known others, hang out together sharing teenage life?

All of these and many more of these can only be found while you are students life...

So..enjoy it while you still can..

'Cause after you put a step into another world, i mean WORKING WORLD it will be a curtain to a new world for you...

YAHOOO tomorrows holiday...i can sleep all dayy... :P

( I'm still in student's life right? No harm in doing that..)

Unwell...unwell and unwell...

copyright picture : Google image search

I am a little umwell..
Unwell in this big silly world...
Unwell here unwell there..
Where will this Unwellingness lead me?

Theres a song said 'bout unwell...
I'm not crazy i'm just a little unwell...
A little misfortune lands upon us..
And we will be unwell...

They say 'bout unwell..
If you are unwell the God loves You..
Not just ome God that Loves unwell people..
Allah the Almighty s the One who loves Unwell...

Being unwell you are..
That will make your world better..
'Cause through unwell..
You can learn the best of healthy life...

Al-Quran~with Us or NOT with Us?

Oh Yeah, the Quran we all hold, keep in our house..

Is It really worth its true value (for Us? )
Do we really use Quran the way we really should?
Did we abandoned Quran ?
What do we think of Quran?
What did we really take from Quran?
What use of Quran for US?

Do you know..

One day when you need Quran, Quran will abandonde U..
One day when you want Quran, Quran will run away from U..
One day when the going gets tough, Quran will make fun of U..
One day when the Day arrive, Quran will not help U..

So,,what are u with Quran? 

I don't know..I question U..U answer it yourself..

Lets Hear : Raihan : Your Face IS Bright (Muhammad Rasulullah s.a.w)

For those who want to know Rasulullah s.a.w, and follow his right guidance, remember to hear this song :

Raihan - Your Face Is Bright

You bring the light to the entire world,
You bring the hope into human lives.

Your face is bright like the shining moon,
Lighting up darkness of the night,
We are here, we think of you,
Oh Muhammad Rasulullah.

The coming of you make the brightest day,
Shining through along the way,
You bring the love of Al Islam,
You are the symbol of unity.

You bring the light to the entire world,
You bring the hope into human lives.

You lead us to the way of truth,
Oh Muhammad,
Oh Muhammad Rasulullah.

Well my friends the time has come,
To have some peace and serenity,
From the love of Rasulullah ,
Oh Muhammad Rasulullah.

Lets Hear : Yusuf Islam ft Raihan : God IS the LighT..

I shed tears from my eyes the first time i heard this really touch my heart with the lyrics..
Hear for yourself..if you seek the LIGHT..

Yusuf Islam ft Raihan : God IS the LighT..

How great the wonders of the heavens
And the timeless beauty of the night
How great -- then how great the creator?
And its star like priceless jewels far beyond the reach of kings
Bow down for the shepard guiding him home

But how many eyes are closed to the wonder of this night?
Like pearls, hidden, deep beneath a dark stream of desires
But like dreams vanish with the call to prayer
And the dawn extinguishes night - here too are signs
God is the light
God is the light

How great the beauty of the Earth and the creatures who dwell on her
How great -- then how great the creator?
As it's mountains pierce the clouds hight about the lives of men
Weeping rivers for thousands of years

But how many hearts are closed to the wonders of this sight?
Like birds in a cage, asleep with closed wings
But as work stops with the call to prayer
And the birds recite - here too are signs
God is the light
God is the light

How great the works of man and the things he makes
How great -- then how great the creator?
Though he strives to reach the heavens he can barely survive
The wars of the world he lives in

Yet how many times he's tried, himself to immortalize?
Like his parents before him in the garden of Eden
But like the sun sets with the call to prayer
And surrenders to the night here too are signs
God is the light everlasting
God is the light everlasting
God is the light everlasting
God is the light everlasting

A great leader? DaiE? Mad'Uu?

Going to recent Expo of Education (or Education Expo?) at University of Jordan, one of the presenter (i recalled he is a Prof from Saudis) Spilled out this magic word :

"Organizer is someone who create value of something from out of nothing"

So my fellow DaiE n MadUu.are you a great organizer?

Be careful to simplify and re-schedule your schedule..make it as simple but meaningful as you can..

A great Organizer is a great Leader..

Didn't you all are destined to be Leader of Ummah? be it you are a girl or a boy..its in Your Blood...

Allah said in Quran : 

"I want to create the leader (caliph) to the world"

This magic word Caliph can be translated to Leader, Director, and Organizer..

there you have it..out of all thing that Allah creatred, you human are the Chosen One..the one who will guide others to safety..

So are you liveing your life quite the way Allah wanted in the first place? no? Then you may have forgot or missed this Magic words :

Allah said in Quran : " And every creation of Allah is the guidance for those who think "

So come on..pull yourself up..make way for a new breed of DaiE n MadUu you can a great leader, organize yourself, and take others to the way people expected to be..the Jannah..

So what? Do i care for what you said??

So what?
The hell are you doing with it?
Its none of your business !!!!..
Get LOST !!..will cha?
So you want to lecture me now?
Your not my mom or dad !!! and i...we doesn't share know that !!

And the list goes on and on..

Ever heard of THESE kind of word or QUICK reply from someone?
Someone you are trying to advice, take them to the right guidance?
I bet you have..and be are not alone..

These are some kind of words, replies (or abuses ) that come from someone who didn't get the guidance from Allah yet..NOT they are rejecting us, but they cannot accept what we trying to tell them..YET...

For all the Mad'U out there, don't easily quit if you received these kinds of replies.. It is your biggest challenge to try and try and try to guide them..don't give up easily, OK? 

"ROME doesn't built in a day.." 
As they say..If those Romans so easily quit in the yesteryear, how can a great big beautiful city of Rome can exist nowadays?

The Constantinople cannot be saved by the Muslims Soldiers and Sultan Muhammad Al-Fateh if they give up when the Byzantine hooked up a big great large chain made of gold on the Golden Horn..No didn't they? Instead they picked up all of their weapons and ships up through a mountain..and the rest is a bog victory for ISLAM...

The Arabs have a great saying for this kind of  problems..they say "The Ship doesn't sail on the land/sand.." 
Get what they mean?  
They means that those sailors have to work hard to put their ship on the water..then they can go sailing..not just wait for the ship on the land to sail by itself..You do the math..

Allah s.w.t advice us in The Quran, as it says ; " So be patience like the patience of Ulul-Azmi "..

So what? reply it like this.." I  want you to follow my advice now so that next time you didn't go to Hell for your wrongdoing.."

I am a muslim...

Ok so yesterday i make my normal school holiday trip around the world of youtube..wahhhhh... and i found this video..
It sure is catchy given it was so simple-realistic and so easy to understand..
from my point of view it sure is beautiful, promoting Islam as the way it should be,
Clearing the bad air of people around the world about Islam,
telling people that Islam is not as cruel-fight-hard to follow-no nonsense religion as they were pictured by some freak-out group of anti-Islam,
Tell you mate, Islam is a global religion that is for all mankind and easy to follow,
And remember, this video shows that Islam is not Arabs only, not for arab and we did not need to be an Arab to embrace Islam..
So lets all say hurrahhh for islam and muslim..
And lets make this world as peaceful as we can...

Among those catchy word from this video for those who want to know islam :

Hi..I'm not a terrorist or a date merchant..
i don't live in a tent or keep my wife sit top all day..
For the record, i knew who she was before i married her too..
i have more than just white robes and sandals in my closet..
And i never actually rode a camel before..ever..
I'm sure they are great animal at all..
I do know someone name Ahmad/Ahmed..
But he not the guy from your economics's class..
So..stop asking..
Falafel actually is not my favorite type of food..
i don't know even how to tie a turban..
and i never work at a gas station or drive a taxi cab..
And i don't think you are infidel either..
I believe in peace..
i believe in people of all different religion and belief living together in harmony..

whewww too long to type it hear it for yourself folks...lets change that negative view towards Islam..

A new hope ( macam tajuk citer star wars la pulak..:-D )

At did arrive to this summer sem..
The semester that can i frankly says as "the second stop before end"
And with this summer semester., i finally have completed my two years original target of coming to jordan...

So..may target is to graduate in january, since i have another 11 subjects to complete..
11= 4@5 this summer semester, and another 6@7 at January semester..
And at last it come to this..
And i really cannot believe my eyes..

Many questions are surrounding me nowadays..
Am i ready to graduate? am i ready to return to my country? am i ready to share and educate the people in my home country? Am i fulfilling my duty and targets here? What am I gonna do after graduating? am i really the right man in this field of studies (islamic studies) ? Am I ? AM I?

Only Allah knows what's the best for me, and HE will not create something if HE deemed i am not ready to achieve and receive it..
Orait...The holidays is almost over, and i will give my all for this summer sem, be it to take 4 subjects or 5 subjects, i don't care...
I will give my best shots..GO GO GO...

Pray for me friends...

Mengejar Kejayaan...

"Mengejar kejayaan atau "Aim to reach for the top",,konsep sebenarnya bukan kerana seberapa cepat kita boleh berjaya atau ape ganjaran/kemasyuran kita akn dapat disebalik menggapai kejayaan itu nanti, tapi konsep sebenarnya ialah menuntut dan mengambil seberapa banyak kebaikan dan ilmu dan 'enjoyable learning' sepanjang perjalanan menuju puncak itu..baru anda dapat tahu anda hebat atau tidak.."

Einstein's super tricky quiz...

Think you're smart? hehehe..think again,,the more smarter we are, there are always someone wo will be smarter than us, believe me?

Alraight if you think you are smart, lets try by beating einstein..


Here are the question :

.There are five house that lives five man..

.Every house was lived by different man that comes from five different nationalities...

.Each one of the man like to drink different drinks..

.They smoke different cigarettes..

.And they kept different pet..

.And not anyone of them likes the same drinks..

.Or smoke the same cigarettes..

.Or kept the same pets..

So who actually keep the FISH as his pet??


1.                 The English live in a red house
2.                  The Swedish kept a dog
3.                 The Danish like to drink tea
4.                  The Green house is exactly beside the White house
5.                  the owner of the Green house like to drink coffee
6.                 The man who smoke PallMall have a pet bird.
7.                 The owner of the house in the middle likes to drink milk.
8.                 The owner of the Yellow house smokes Dunhill.
9.                 The Norwich lives in the first house.
10.              The one who smokes Marlboro lives beside the one who kept cat as pet..
11.              The one who kept horse as pet lives beside the one who smokes Dunhill.
12.              The one who smokes Winfield likes to drink bir.
13.              Besides the Green house is where the Nowich lives.
14.             The German smokes Rothmans.
15.              The one who smokes Marlboro lives beside the one who like to drink water.

So who actually keep the FISH as his pet??

The answer is...

its the German that kept the FISH.. hahaha

Lets learn Jordan Arabic .."Renting a van to go to Amman"

Okay so if you want to know, the main transport for Malaysian student and most of the people here is buses, coasters, and vans. Cars is an exceptional because only several people can buy cars,  and student normally cannot afford to buy it. So we go to our second main transport : the van

So example if a student want to go to Amman tomorrow, he must call the van owner to rent it, meaning the van owner will be his driver for the trip to Amman. Here's what normally they discussed...

Ali : Assalamualaikum ya Abu Nuwas..keif halak ? 

( Assalamualaikum Abu Nuwas, how are you doing? )

Abu Nuwas : Waalaikummusalam ya Ali, Alhamdulillah tamam. wa keif anta? syu biddak? maza mumkin usaiduka ? 

( waalaikummussalam, i'm fine. What do you want ? what can i help you? )

Ali : Anta masyghul am la buqra ? ana wa asdiqoi nuriid an naruuh ila amman maaka ya Abu Nuwas..biissir am la ? 

( Are you free tomorrow? my friend and i want to go to amman with you. can you take us there or not ? )

Abui Nuwas : ma indi syaik buqra. toyyib, ma fi musykillah. kam saah biddu tazhab? 

( I am free tomorrow, no problem. What is the time you want to go ? )

Ali : hawalai saah tasiah sobahan ya ammu, mumkin? bikam ujrah kamilah yakni, ruh wa narjik ila mu'tah? 

( around nine o'clock maybe, okay ? so how much is the fare, if we want to go and return to mutah with you ? )


Abu Nuwas : emm..ila aina turiid an tazhab? wastul balad? city mall yakni? lau hazal makaan, wa tarjik, kullu khomsah wa arbaien dananir masyi ? 

( where do you want to go actually? if it is the city center of Amman? or the city mall ? if you want to go to all this place, and return to mu'tah, I'll charge forty five jordan dinar [45JD] alright? )

Ali ; aiwahh, wastul balad wa city mall, khomsah wa arbaien, masyi ya abu nuwas, syukran 

( yes, the city center of amman and the city mall [ carrefour ]..orait Abu Nuwas, thanks )

Abu Nuwas : afwan 

( you're welcome )

اولّ مرة الّف بالغة العربية...

السلام عليكم...
انّ الحمد الله...
نحمده ونستعينه ونستهديه ونغفروه...
امّا بعد...

ها ها ها...
هذا اولّ مرة الّف بالغة العربية..لا بد عليّ بالخطاء في النحو...
ارجوا منكم مشاهدين الكرام بتعلّمني وارشدني...
انشا الله سأحاول بحوالة جدّا جدّا...
بالرجوع الى وحد قول مأثور في العربية :
" ترجوا النجاة ولم تسليك مسالكها..انّ السفينة يا تجري علي اليبسي"
ادعوا لي يا اصحاب الكرام..

التطبيق في تخريج الحديث

تخريخ هذا القطعة من الحديث  :

سؤال 1  :
عن ابن عمر قال : رأيت النبىّ (ص) : (( اذا سجد وضع ركبتيه قبل يديه..((

سؤال 2 :
عن ابي هريرة رضي الله عنه قال, قال رسول الله (ص) : (( لا تقدموا رمضان بصوم يوم ولا يومين... ))

سؤال 3 :
 عن عبدالله بن عمر رضي الله عنه انّ رسولالله (ص) ((نهى ان يصلّى في سبعة مواطن..))

سؤال 4 :
عن عائشة رضي الله عنها قالت : قلت : يا رسول الله, على النساء جهاد ؟ قال : ((نعم...))

سؤال 5 :
عن جابر بن عبدالله رضي الله عنهما ان النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم قال : (( أعطيت خمسا لم يعطهن احد من قبلي....))

سؤال 6 :
عن انس رضي الله عنه قال , قال رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم : ((لا يتمنّينّ احدكم الموت....))

سؤال 7 :
عن جابرقال : قال رسول الله (ص) : (( اذا خطب احدكم المرأة فاءن استطع ان ينظر منها...))

سؤال 8 :
عن عبادة بن الصمات قال : قال رسول الله (ص) : ((خذوا عني خذوا عنّى خذوا عنّى, قد جعل الله لهنّ سبيلا...))

سؤال 9 :
عن عامر بن ربيعة رضي الله عنه قال : ((كنّا مع النبيّ (ص) في ليلة مظلمة, فأشكلت علينا القبلة..))

سؤال 10 :
عن ابي هريرة رضي الله عنه, انّ رسول الله (ص) قال: (( اتدروا ما الغيبة؟...))

الاجابة : 
سؤال 1 :
ابو داود (ج 1/ 838) والترميذي (ج 2/ 268) والنسائي ( ج 2/ ً 207)
سؤال 2
البخاري (  3/28, 25) مسليم (3/ 125 )

سؤال 3 :
الترمذي ( باب ما جاء في كراهة ما يصلى اليه وفيه : 2/ 177)

 , ابن ماجه (الحج جهاد النساء) : 2/968 (المسند احمد (6/ 165 

سؤال 5 :
ألبخاري في اول باب التيمم واللفظ له : (1/70), ومسلم في ختام المساجد : (2/63-64), والنسائي في التيمم (1/209-211 ), والمسند : (3/304)

سؤال 6  
 : البخاري في المرضى (تمني المرضى الموت ) (7/120), ومسليم في الذكر والدعاء : (8/64), والترميذي في الجنائز(3/301-302 رقم 971), والنسائي (4/3 رقم 1820), وابن ماجه في الزهد : (2/1425 رقم 4265) والمسند : 3/101)..

سؤال 7 :
مسليم في صحيحه ( ج2 – النكاح/ 73).

سؤال 8 :
المسلم : (ج3 – الحدود / 12 )

سؤال 9 :
اخرجه الترميذي ( ج 1 / 345)

سؤال 10 :
اخرجه مسلم

جعفر الصادق

اسمه واصله

·        هو جعفر الصادق بن محمد الباقر, من نسب علي بن ابي طالب و الحسين بن علي.

·        ويلقبونه بالصادق.

·        ولد بالمدينة المنورة في سنة 80 هجرة ( 17 ربيع الاول ) و توفي سنة 148 هجرة فيها.

·        وهو من سادس الائمة اشيعة الامامية.

·        يجيبُ الحافظُ الذهبي في " السير " (13/120) فيقولُ :

جَعْفَرٌ الصَّادِقُ :

كَبِيْرُ الشَّأْنِ ، مِنْ أَئِمَّةِ العِلْمِ ، كَانَ أَوْلَى بِالأَمْرِ مِنْ أَبِي جَعْفَرٍ المَنْصُوْرِ .

·        هذا مراتبه في شيعة اثنا عشرة :

1.     علي بن أبي طالب رضي الله عنه
2.     الحسن بن علي رضي الله عنهما (3-50هـ)
3.     الحسين بن علي رضي الله عنهما (4-61هـ)
4.     علي زين العابدين بن الحسين (38-95هـ)
5.     محمد الباقر بن علي زين العابدين (57-114هـ)
6.     جعفر الصادق بن محمد الباقر (83-148هـ)
7.     موسى الكاظم بن جعفر الصادق (128-183هـ)
8.     علي الرضا بن موسى الكاظم (148-203هـ)
9.     محمد الجواد بن علي الرضا (195-220هـ)
10.            علي الهادي بن محمد الجواد (212-254هـ)
11.            الحسن العسكري بن علي الهادي (232-260هـ)
12.            محمد المهدي بن الحسن العسكري (256-...هـ)

·        وهو احد الائمة الاعلام علما وفقها وورعا وتقيا وزهدا.

·        اخذ عنه الكثيرون وروى علمه غير واحد من الفقهاء.

نسب مذهب الجعفرية اليه

·        الى جعفر الصادق ينتسب الشيعة الامام اثنا عشرية.

·        ولهاذا يسموا الجعفرية.

·        والحقيقة انّ هذه النسبة او التسمية لا تدلّ على انّ فقه الاءمامية مقصور على الاءمام جعفر او انّهم لا
يأخذوا باقوال غيره من ائمتهم الاثنى عشرة.

·        لقد كان للإمام جعفرالصادق كثير من المناظرات مع العلماء و غيرهم في الدين و العلوم الإنسانية المختلفة، و قد اتبع الإمام الصادق منهجاً منطقيا تسلسليا في المناظرة و النقاش.

ادلة فقه الجعفري.

·        ادلة الفقه في مذهب الجعفري هي الكتاب, السنة, الاجماع والعقل.

·        السنة عندهم تشمل قول النبي (ص) و قوال الاءمام, فلا فرق في المذهب الجعفرى.

·        بين ما ثبت عن النبي (ص) وما ثبت عن أئمتهم فالكلّ واجب الاتباع.

·        واما العقل : معناه ما بين اه عند كلامنا الائمام زيد, وبعض فقهاء الجعفرية نازعوا في حجتها.

أصحابه وتلاميذه

1.     أحمد بن عبد الله بن محمد بن عمر بن علي بن أبي طالب الهاشمي المدني اسند عنه.
2.     أحمد بن بشير أبو بكر العمري الكوفي.
3.     أحمد بن بشر بن عمار الصيرفي.
4.     أحمد بن عبد العزيز الكوفي أبو شبل.
5.     أحمد بن مبشر الطائي الكوفي.
6.     أحمد بن ثابت الحنفي الكوفي ويقال الهمداني.
7.     أحمد ن جابر الكوفي أخو زيد القتات.
8.     أحمد بن عبيد الأزدي الكوفي مولى.
9.     أحمد بن معاذ الجعفي الكوفي.
10.            أحمد بن سليم القبي الكوفي.
11.            جابر بن حيان.
12.            أبو حنيفه النعمان
13.            هشام بن الحكم ولس المقصود بالخليفة الاموي
14.            مؤمن الطاق

نقل مذهب الجعفري وانتشاره

·        يوجد مذهب الجعفرية في ايران وباكستان والهند وفي لبنان.

·        وله اتباع في الثام ايضا وغيرها من البلاد.

مراجع :


2.     المدخل لدراسة الفقه الاسلامس, الدكتور عبد الكريم زيدان.

3.     سير أعلام النبلاء,  للذهبي , مجلد 13, صفحة 120 .

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