I don't know what to do..

I am so bored tonight..
I don't know..
All my house mate have fly..
Fly to Neverland...

Be happy always..

When you are alone in this world..
And you think nobody is there...
To support you...
And you think its a burden for you..
In doing something..
Don't be sad...
Don't be afraid..
Allah watching you...


Its starting to raining heavily today...
The rain still attacking my window..
With this winter..
Its hard to move..
To go out of house..
Its quite difficult,,

A wonderful piece of advice...

Heres a piece of advice i receive..
I got it through SMS..
I will mark it here..
And translate it into English..
As a sign of Thank You...
This piece of advice...
Is really meaningful to me.. 
It says..

Trust and Pray..

2 important words ,..
When you have a hope..
And something to ask Allah..
Use "TRUST" and "PRAY"...
Heres the explanation :

Am i Understanding People or Not..?

Well..lifes goes on fellas..
Sometimes we are hepi..
Somestimes we got mad..
Thats count for me too.
I made my friend mad at me..
I tried to be understanding..
But instead its a wrong step for me..
Sorry my friend..

Its Raining..its Raining..

Its raining heavily in mu'tah today..
What day is today?..
I kinda forgot..
Its Sunday..
Its Monday today..

The Meaning of My Name....


Gender: Masculine

Usage: Arabic

Other Scripts: فؤاد (Arabic)

Derived from Arabic فؤاد (fu'ad) meaning "heart".

Just sharing you all my name..hehehe
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