...:::as cold as winter:::'''

''Damn, its freezing outside !''
mumbled one of my friend as he watch the weather news on the Tv, reffering to the degress of 2 celcius.

Its really cold today, even the sun cannot erase the coldness of the air.even the water are as cold as ice.

So what can we see from this situati0n? Thats how islam is n0wadays,cold, freezed..

''billion of ants cannot stick together if we separate them''

thats the analogy used by 'our' foe to weakened us,to make sure they can rule us..

ALLAH S.W.T has warned us in the Quran :
''and the yahuds or nasoro will n0t let u go (redho) until u follow them (their relegi0n, way of life)''

so be str0ng,n we must keep ourselves prepared,till the day c0me that islam will shine again, banishing the coldness that erupted up0n us..

''An-nur kaifa zuhurihi..
in lam yakun damna wuqud..
Wal Quds kaifa nuieduha..
In lam yakun nahnu junud..''
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