You think you are smart enough..???

You think you are smart enough?
Think again..
You think by obtaining great results..
You are the geniuses..?
Think again..
Try answering these..
IQ test i preapred for you..
Looks how powerful..
You are..

Seven rules for sharpening up your thinking skills

We live in a world..
Full of trickers..
And swindlers..
There are people out there..
Who will always try..
To persuade us..
Of false ideas..
In order to further their own interests. 
In such a world..

Learning how to think for yourself..
Should be one of the primary goals..
Of every person..
Of course, most people believe..

That's what friends are for..

And I never thought I'd feel this way..
And as far as I'm concerned..
I'm glad I got the chance to say..
That I do believe I love you..
And if I should ever go away..
Well, then close your eyes and try to feel..
The way we do today..
And then if you can remember..
Keep smilin', keep shinin'..
Knowin' you can always count on me, for sure..
That's what friends are for..
For good times and bad times..
I'll be on your side forever more..
That's what friends are for..

What have you done??

What have you done?..
At your age now?..
Have you contributed enough for islam?
Did you know..
At the age of 21 (some said at 24).
Sultan Muhammad Al-Fatih had conquered Costantinople..
At the age of 15..
Imam Syafiee started to give "Fatwa" for people..
At the age of youngster..
Salahuddin Al-Ayubbi managed to became a master in arithmetic, and law,.
genealogies, biographies, and histories of the arabs,..

Sleepy night..

I'm so sleepy tonight..
Thinking of going to sleep..
Its to early..
Its just 7 o'clock in the evening..
Its totally absurd to sleep now..
I just doing my best..
In keeping this eyes open..
Theres maybe seven,eight..

Far Far Away Love...

Where do yo find "love" ???
Is it next to you?
Above your head?
Beside you?..
Behind you?
I don't know la..
You can guest it right..
Did you know..
Where the real love is?

A Long Night..

This night is soo long for me..
I cannot wait for tomorrow to arrive..
Why i cannot wait for tomorrow?...
Tomorrow is Saturday..
Why tomorrow is saturday?
Today is Friday..
Why today is Friday?
6 days from today is friday too..

This is me..

I´ve always been the kind of girl..
That hid my face..
So afraid to tell the world...

What I´ve got to say...
But I have this dream,..

Right inside of me.
I´m gonna let it show,..

I'ts time...
To let you know,..

Is to let you know...

The Climb..

I can almost see it
That dream I am dreaming
But there's a voice inside my head saying
"You'll never reach it"

Every step I'm taking
Every move I make feels
Lost with no direction
My faith is shaking

But I gotta keep trying
Gotta keep my head held high

So what??...

I'm all fired up..
I don't know..
Do you know?..
I bet you don't kow..
I bet me myself also doesn't know..
For the truth..
We all doesn't know..

Breakin' Free...

We’re soarin’, flyin’
There’s not a star in heaven
That we can’t reach
If we’re trying
So we’re breaking free

You know the world can see us
In a way that’s different than who we are

My cat...Meow meow meow

This is my cat..
She is a cat..
A very caring mother..
For its children..
A very talented cat...
To its owner..
And my family of course...
Miss this cat..
Miss its theatrics..
and of course..
Its "meow meow meow"


You woke up from your sleep..
Do you remember Allah?
You return home from class...
Do you remember Allah?
When you read your book and  studied
Do you remember Allah?
maybe theres a Question..
Why remember Allah everyday.. every time?

Spirit of Arabian Night..

Why i pick a road picture for this post?
I don't know la..
Do you know?..
Of course you don't know..
If you know..
It just you..not me..
The road means..
Your life..
Your freedom,,
Your way of reaching target..
Your IMAN in yourself..
Come many obstacles along the road...
A big snake..
A big lion,..
What should you do?..

A wise n solehah wife..

This is a song..
That tells..
The True hope..
And heart..
Of every Man in this world..
A Soleh man..
Lets read it together..
I Translate it..
So we Can take..
The benefits together..
"A solehah wife.."

Are we skilled enough?

Rasulullah S.A.W once narrated hadeeth..
"The (hikmah) knowledge is mukmin long-lost treasure..
If you found the hikmah (knowledge) anywhere..
Grab and keep it.."
What crossed my mind is..
Did we really grab..
The opportunity..
And Knowledge that we found?..
For example..

The islamic studies scholars nowadays..
Did they really tried to learn..
The physics or math knowledge..?
Or the medic/dentist knowledge..?
Or tried to learn the account art..?

Okay today..

Great day today..
I'm much better today..
No more Virus..
Thanks to Allah..
Like they say..
Things come,,..
Thing goes..
How do you..
Spend your day today..??


Well fellas...
To go into battlefield..
You must prepare..
Sketch a plan..
Unveiled perfect tactics..
If not perfect..
But it must be efficient..
That also goes the same..
When you lay your feet..
Into the darkest world..
of University..
Why I said dark?
Its totally a different world..

Forgive me ( Allah s.w.t..)

Laying in the darkness..
Like theres no hope..
Too many sins and mistakes..
I had done..
I know I am not perfect...
Realized from this mistake..
Waking up from..
The temptations of the world..
I want to return..
To the right guidance..
With all my heart..

Friendship and Ukhuwah...

I manage to..
Get a hold on..
My long lost friends..
Well..maybe for about..
4 years..or 5 years..
It shocked me..
How a long lost connection..
Can easily be fonded together...
I started to think..
Maybe it crossed my minds..
That the power of friendship..

Headache..Yes !!!

See my little friend,...
 TOTO the tortoise up there?..
He seems to felt what i felt today,,
You guess it right fellas..
Ive been hit by a virus..
The Headache virus..

Its not raining today..

Its not raining today..
I'm free to go outside..
So i can feel the greatness..
Of the creation of Allah..
As you know...
Or maybe you don't know..
Mu'tah is situated..
High above a hill..

My brain was tired,,,

I feel tired today..
I don't know why..
I got a lot to write..
My mind felt tired..
I don't know..
Maybe i overslept today..

Great life you got..

Great life we have..
Either you are in Malaysia..
You are overseas..
Look around you..
Have you ever think..

I don't know what to do..

I am so bored tonight..
I don't know..
All my house mate have fly..
Fly to Neverland...

Be happy always..

When you are alone in this world..
And you think nobody is there...
To support you...
And you think its a burden for you..
In doing something..
Don't be sad...
Don't be afraid..
Allah watching you...


Its starting to raining heavily today...
The rain still attacking my window..
With this winter..
Its hard to move..
To go out of house..
Its quite difficult,,

A wonderful piece of advice...

Heres a piece of advice i receive..
I got it through SMS..
I will mark it here..
And translate it into English..
As a sign of Thank You...
This piece of advice...
Is really meaningful to me.. 
It says..

Trust and Pray..

2 important words ,..
When you have a hope..
And something to ask Allah..
Use "TRUST" and "PRAY"...
Heres the explanation :

Am i Understanding People or Not..?

Well..lifes goes on fellas..
Sometimes we are hepi..
Somestimes we got mad..
Thats count for me too.
I made my friend mad at me..
I tried to be understanding..
But instead its a wrong step for me..
Sorry my friend..

Its Raining..its Raining..

Its raining heavily in mu'tah today..
What day is today?..
I kinda forgot..
Its Sunday..
Its Monday today..

The Meaning of My Name....


Gender: Masculine

Usage: Arabic

Other Scripts: فؤاد (Arabic)

Derived from Arabic فؤاد (fu'ad) meaning "heart".

Just sharing you all my name..hehehe

So far..What i had finished..

So far..i did read two kitabs..
Fiqh Muyassarah by Dr. Wahbah Zuhaili..
Ulum Hadeeth Li Ibnu Solah by Dr. Nuruddin 'Itir..

Girls..Allah The Almighty

So far..
I'm attracted to girls..
I'm a man,
So thats normal,right?

Books/Kitabs or Qurans or Laptop?

When i want to read the Quran,
My mind says...
"read the kitab.."
when i tried to open the kitab..
my heart says...
"laptop is better.."

A friend of mine..

I have a friend..
Whom i care about..
I often feel dissapointed..
That friend seems to ignore what i said..

Thinking outside the box..

Lets think outside the box..
why 2+2=4?
why it doesnt give the answer as 5 @ 7 @ 9 ?

I have a dream..

I have a dream..
A song to sing..
Ish fuad..
Im not singing westlife's song..
I love 2 great islam warriors...

Am i weird???

I am..
Blur today man..
Don't you think..
I'm weird?

Before..After Before..After After Before

Im studying at SKTB..
I went to Sheikh Malek..

Im Happy today..

I'm so happy today..
Spent great time with seniors..
they came to my house..

Promoting Islam.. still promoting islam..
its just..
Dis time its my style..
Allah says in Quran :
"He ( Allah s.w.t) will not burden human with what that human cannot bear to carry.."

I got a lot to share..
But..i re-think..
Many are doing what i had done..


It all started..
My new blog..
My new vision..


From now on..
No more hypocrites..
I'll re-create my blog..

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