Allah, people and you : A perspective..

Too much book and you are a nerd,

Too much play and you are a jerk,

Too much for yourself your life's a gloom,

Too much socializing and your life's gonna doom,

Whenever, whatever and wherever you are remember this 


Pray and zikr all that you might, 

And surely Allah the Almighty will never leave you out of 

His sight..

You are not alone..

Never and ever you will be alone..

Cause Allah is with us always...

reviving islamic spirit,,,,..

Student's life...whats more can beat this LIFE?

Student's Life is the best life we ever had...

I don't care if its a school life, or campus life, or vocational campus life, or whatsoever..

As long as it is while we are students and we enjoy it, than its a great life.


Watching this film ( as pictured above ) really make me appreciate student's life..

I think this film make me really want to forever be in campus life.. a life i think most enjoyable in my whole life..

Well..why i found student's life is the most enjoyable?

Lets see..

Do you think when can you wake up late, with nothing to do, then sleep the whole day?

Do you think when can you stay up with you friends, have a chit chat, play futsal late at night, then go to nearby night stalls to have a drink, or supper while watching people or football match live on telly?

Do you think when can you and your friends have a little crazy day, planning something or going somewhere far just to spend your boring day, then return to your hostel late at night tired but happy?

Do you think when can you all learn the reality life of love and hate, cheat and be faithfull with girldfriend or boyfriend, meet others and known others, hang out together sharing teenage life?

All of these and many more of these can only be found while you are students life...

So..enjoy it while you still can..

'Cause after you put a step into another world, i mean WORKING WORLD it will be a curtain to a new world for you...

YAHOOO tomorrows holiday...i can sleep all dayy... :P

( I'm still in student's life right? No harm in doing that..)

Unwell...unwell and unwell...

copyright picture : Google image search

I am a little umwell..
Unwell in this big silly world...
Unwell here unwell there..
Where will this Unwellingness lead me?

Theres a song said 'bout unwell...
I'm not crazy i'm just a little unwell...
A little misfortune lands upon us..
And we will be unwell...

They say 'bout unwell..
If you are unwell the God loves You..
Not just ome God that Loves unwell people..
Allah the Almighty s the One who loves Unwell...

Being unwell you are..
That will make your world better..
'Cause through unwell..
You can learn the best of healthy life...

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