Knowledges is not what we see..its what we seek..



Hiyya fellas...

As a muslim i'm proud to start my day with Allah's name, and by praying for others safety..

Okay todays topic, Knowledges..

I like this statement, knowledges is not what we see, its what we seek..

Yes. students nowadays doesn't seek knowledges, but they just see it..not all, but majority of students nowadays are like that, believe me or not?

Lets say, students today just go to school, college, than take note from teacher and lecturers, then return home..
wait for the exam n wallllahhhhh.,. settle the study and go to work. is that just how life should turn out to be?

Its just like a mom feed her kids, just like that,,where are the spirit of seeking do islam can return to greatness if the muslim doesn't seek it?

Knowledges = greatness, 
So those who acquired greatness, acquired it by knowledges.

Come on. lets all change our mind set, SEEK out knowledges, not just SEE it in the class or books, LOOks for other related books for one topic, and make sure, we are the great among othes..

Remember, SEEK the knowledges, not SEE it...

Rasulullah SAW had stated in his hadeeth, :

"Man arodaddunya fa'alaihi bi ilmi, waman arodal akhiroh fa'alaihi bi'ilmi, waman arodahuma fa'alaihi bi ilmi"

"Those who seek (greatness) at life, must do so with knowledges, and those who seeks ( happiness) at hereafter, must do with knowledges. and those who seek both ( life and hereafter) must do so wtih knowldges.

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