i don't know what i wrote for this topic,,hahaha

When life is mixed with private

I think I didn’t fully understand people..
People whose their life just want to achieve certain things..
And then the shut their thinking and just live happily ever after..

Are life’s that simple?..
I didn’t really agree with that..
Life is about evolving, grow up every seconds and be matured every time..
Evolve every time..
If you got straight A’s in your lower grads exam,.
You must also get straight A’s in you upper grads exams..

Oh don’t stop there..

Achieve great results also at University..
Don’t just stop there..
While at work be a great and beloved worker..
If you are single be a great friend and family members, e.g. son, daughter..
If you are married then be a great husband, wife, father, mother,,

Life evolved every time..

Don’t just sit, enjoy your life without some effort to be more successful than what you are now..
Try to come out of your Beautiful life..
Think out of the box..
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