Nobody is born a GENIUS..

"i am not so genius, thats why i will not succeed."
"He is 'pandai' thats why he got top results."
"She got great brain, i doesn't have"

These is among the normal phrases we can hear from many people who seems "jealous" with others people success. Fellas, this thinking-that-everybody else-except-us-is-perfect gotta stop.No offence, but it really damaging our brain.I really hate to hear all this.

Fellas, nobody is born genius, nobody is born with IQ of 400 (super duper genius) and no body is born with successful results as he/she achievement.NO NEVER !!! that kind of thinking is wrong and never can take you further in your life. trust me, i've been there, done that frens !!!

What makes people success or not is what the education program (tarbiyyah) and what they do to preserve it. People who always train and drain their brain seems to have upper hand than people who doesn't. its true really, our BRAIN must be TRAINed so it will not DRAIN.

So stop babbling about others achievement if we-ourselves-doesn't-work -harder-like-them. Blame yourself for your failure, you know, the starting point for anyone achievement starts at he/she own hand,brain and guts to work hard.The rest we return to Allah s.w.t.

chow chincou bou chunlai lin dan lee chong wei..

The more we learn the more we doesn't know..

Anyone agree with me?

The more we learn the more we doesn't know.
Why i said that? because the more we learn something, it will open us to a new dimension (like a star-struck galaxy) that sent us to a whole new galaxy to explore. So, we must begin again from zero. got my idea?

Let us see the analogy, a simple analogy i will give you, to make your brain function fully to its potential.

Step ONE :
You wanted to learn to make cookies, and now you doesn't even know anything or any step to make cookies.

Step TWO:
Now you learn to make cookies, you know what is the ingredients, how the correct step to bake it ( cookies) and how you can decorate it to make it beautiful

Step THREE :
Now you have a new knowledge, that is to bake cookies. you just turn from ZERO to HERO with your new knowledge.But surely you are not satisfied, yes? YOu wanted to learn to bake other cookies,not that one only,right?

Step FOUR:
NOw you understand what i mean,  before you doesn't even bother to learn to bake cookies, suddenly you learn to make it, its suck you to a new dimension, a COOKIES dimension. but suddenly we need to learn more about cookies but we doesn't know, and that is a new DIMENSION to us.

Step FIVE :
no more step for the conclusion i hope you understand what i mean, and you know that its a great way to make this newly-improved theory a reality.(what am i writing??) 

okay,chow cincau..

Got to work harder..

Got to work harder
my self of course..

Phew,,thats all i can said pondering that i will sit for my first exam in this Jordan state. Well, of course i am not so mentally and physically ready, but i know there is no better time to start than TODAY.

Why did i put beckham's pic above? it is to show you that even gifted man (in his football world) also have to work hard and train carefully to make sure his potential doesn't gone wasted.

So what about us? 

Even Sun Tzu said in his famously-literated The art of War :
"the one who control the land and 5 elements will win the war"

Hey, from what i seen and understand, it says we can win the land from hard work, not from just my friend, thats totally wrong. ~~"What you give you get back"~~ as Scorpion stated in their song. What you give ( means studying, work hard and struggling) is what you will get. ( freedom, magnificent result and of course fame and fortune~i like~ )hehehe..

So. i want to advice myself, i need to work harder, need to stabilize my preparation in this coming exam, you my friend, don't just sit-there-and-relax-and-do-nothing-and-just-facebooking without studying, its up to you to succed or not.

Gotta chow now. pray for me..

A realist no more..

I used to be a realist..
Thinking that all thing will go according to plan.. thinking that this world is just going to be good always..But of course this is not right. We must prepare for the worse, accepting the fate whether its good or bad. I started to make myself prepared, since studying here is NOT AS GOOD AS IN MALAYSIA..get what i mean?

The situation i faced in studying here is not the same as in Malaysia. If you guys in malaysia can relay your pointer on assignment, project paper, presentation, there no such things here. All you can relay is on two tests and one final exam. the rest? its depends on lecturers, or doctors as they are called here..because the (syarat) to become a lecturer in jordan is you must at least have a PHD..i repeat, such things as tutor or master lecturer in Arabic State.

Return to the exam things,can you imagine, you saw a DR enter your class, and hoping to get the topic that enter the final exam to study, but suddenly, he said, In its colloquial arab language "min jildin ila jildin" means, from the front page to the end of the book, and this refer to a 300 something 'kitab', to study the whole books in two weeks? wow, i can't imagine first REAL challenges to study here. What a great way to start the life here.

So thats all, i MUST and SHOULD change my MINDSET now,no more be a realist, just try to be a Triumphant,,i don't know what i said just now,,hahaha,.

Okay another day then,pray for me my friends..

ANGRY !!!!

Did you feel like you want to 'eat' someone?

Did you feel like you want to "kill a mosquitoes?"

Did yo feel like you want to "bake a cake and eat it suddenly?"

Did you feel ignorant?

Then you are confirmly ( salah ni,,jg ikut) ANGRY !!!!

lets laugh together...hahahaha...


control your angry..

It doesn't matter how and what methods that people make you feel, 

Just be yourself..

Its not wrong to express your angriness but..

Make sure you can control it..

Get what i mean?

Me, myself..when i felt angry,, i just eat and eat and eat.. fat i can be..but i don't care..

EATING can release your anger..(not suggested for people who want to control diet..heheheh)

Okeh,,my main point is, Rasulullah (PBUH) once answering a man's question..

The man : Ya Rasulullah, advice me please..
Rasulullah PBUH : Don't be angry..
The man : Then?
And he repeated his question for Rasulullah till 3rd times, Rasulullah still answered :
"Don't be angry"

So...lets us laugh together..hahaha


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