Have a break? Have a “kit-kat”

Need a Break?

Whenever you are too busy with work..
And too tired to do many things..
And too being heavily burdened by workloads..
And too stressful with homework..
And too alone to have friends around you..
Have a break!!
Have a KIT-KAT..

The reality..

Sounds like a commercial break, right?
But it is not, I just really gotten into this kit-kat philosophy..
It really teach us to be cool and relax in every situation..
Yeah..i meant it..Because I had already felt it..

Be cool..

By relaxing, it really makes my mind move freely, and make my brain work successfully.
Even in a day I felt soooooo tired..
But by relaxing my mind, its really help me a lot in making sure,.
All my work are not left behind,.
Allah said in the Quran..
“By remembering Allah your heart(and mind) will be relaxed..”

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