Donate...For a ticket to heaven..

You are walking down a road..
And you are hungry..very hungry..
Then at a junction..
You saw an old lady,
Dressing in a very rusty, old clothes..
She seems like doesn't eat for many days..
She seems like doesn't have any relatives..
She seems like have lost all hope for living..

You put your hand on your pocket..
 And found a RM10+RM5+RM2 note..
With RM10 you can buy a set of KFC meal..
With RM 5 you can eat fully at a mamak court..
With RM 2 you can buy a packet of biscuit at 7eleben..

Which one will you give to her?

Think for yourself..
Donate to book a ticket to heaven...

DIE !!!! Wahahaha.,..

Some day we will all die..
We all will go to the land of the dead..
Like people before us..
Always remember Allah..
Prepare ourselves to die..
Allah warn us in the Quran..
"Every person will die.." (kullu nafsin zaaiqatul maut..)
Have you done enough 'amalan' to save you from 'azab'?
Always think for yourselves..


I play a lot..
Play computer game..
Play-play in class..
Play in my house..
What is happening to me?
Call 011-282992309 for answering this question..
Correct answers will receive bangalow,
A ferrari car made in Italy, and...
A touch screen phone plus mp3 player from sony..

"Jangan biarkan diri anda diselubungi misteri.."

How are your IQ?

How are your iQ?
Is it big? 
Is it great?
How do you can test your IQ?
Click google..
Type "IQ test" in the search box..
Then you will find many pages to IQ test..
Test you IQ and find out how do you fare with others..

I have test this myself...
my result is okay...
really okay for me..
but i am not satisfied..
maybe i want to increase my IQ., 
be more smarter to help me in dakwah Islam insyaAllah..

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