The sun has risen? Or what?

assalamualaikum to all..

Peace and a very much syukr to Allah for still giving me the chance to live.
And make sure i can share my effort n knowledges with others.

I just cured from a very bad flu.
Its so bad that i can't even sleep or eat for two days
( allahummasolli 'ala muhamad )..

Wow,weird isn't it?
But i'm n0t going to talk bout this.
Let the past be the past..

What i want to talk is bout a very fam0us (or n0t fam0us) phrases am0ng islamic kn0wledge student,
Can u guess it already?

Its bout a phrase sounded
'' i believe in islam cause i see the sun has risen, n0t because i see it,but because i see s0mething else''

what can we take fr0m these words?
Here c0mes my questi0ns to you all..

Questi0n 1 :
believe in islam because the sun has risen?
If s0meday the sun doesn't rise,what will we believe? Do we still believe in islam?

Questi0n 2 :
n0t because i see it (the sun of course) but because i see something else.
What did see? What really you see? The land? Japan (the land of the risen sun?) or your house?

Thats all my questi0n. I really h0pe s0me0ne do give me resp0nes for my questi0ns.

'jangan biarkan diri anda diselubungi misteri'

hehehe :-)
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