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Allah is the One and Only God. What does Non-Muslim know about Allah? Who is Allah? What is Allah? Well let us all know.

Allah is the God that Muslim worship, He is not neither born nor begotten. Allah doesn’t have and shapes, size, measure, image or anything. Muslim believe that only after the Judgement days that Allah can be seen.  Allah didn’t live in any castle, palace or house (like some Greek Gods live), or doesn’t live in any place. He is the ruler. He can be anywhere He wants to. Allah knows everything, not every single thing happening in this universe not known to Him.

If there’s a Muslim who doesn’t believe in Allah, or believe that there is other God beside Allah, his believe is not true according to true Muslim’s belief. All Muslim believe that Allah is the only God that has powers on all of things, all of happenings. In Arabic it is called Tauhid al-Rububiyyah, meaning “Believing that only Allah can creates, have powers and control over everything” The word “have powers and control over everything” can be explained that only Allah create human, animals, insects, trees, plants, the mountains, the clouds, earth, moon, other planets, our universe, galaxy and many other things such as disease, nature, virus, rain, and everything. He is the one that creates, rule, govern, own, and can destroy it when the correct time comes (judgement day).

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Another belief of Muslim is called Tauhid al-Uluhiyyah, or can be translated as “Believing that only Allah is the true God that Muslim had to know, approve, and worship, there’s no other God beside Allah and no other things equal to be worshipped as Allah”. This can be said that if there’s a Muslim believe that Allah had a subordinate, a demi-God (half god) or other God equal, lower or powerful than Allah than this belief is wrong. Totally, totally wrong!!! 

Question been asked, why only one God? Isn’t it easier for God or Allah to have many subordinates God to help in controlling the universe, the world? OK let’s talk and discuss about this logically.

Let’s say there is a country called Country A. This Country A has a government, and the country rules stated that the one who rule the country is the most powerful person in charge, the President. OK get the idea so far? What if there are two Presidents in Country A, who is the most powerful one? President X and President Y surely both cannot have full powers, right? Not having full powers means that they are not powerful yet, and by sharing powers also mean they are not so powerful because they both share and depend on each other.

So change this President title into God, and you will get the same idea. No God is powerful enough if that God have to depend on others, and not powerful enough if that God have to share power with other God. Remember Hercules story where Zeus were defeated by Hades, even though Zeus is the most powerful God of Greek. Shame isn’t it? Right? That is not the true image of a powerful God. That is why for Islam, and Muslim, and advisable to all non Muslim to accept that Allah is the One and Only God, the Most Powerful. 


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How do we explain to people about Prophets, Nabi and Rasul?

Muslims believe in Nabi and Rasul as the messengers of Allah to promote and teach Islam to human
There are 5 Ulu al-Azmi Rasul (Those who had been test with the highest test of faith and their live), 25 Rasul that Muslims must believe of their existences as messenger of Allah, and there are also around (approximately 24,000 other Rasul and approximately 313,000 Nabi that Allah SWT kept secret from us Muslims doing their job to preach Islam. 

Who are the 25 Rasul we Muslims must believe? Below are their names:
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And futhermore, Muslims do BELIEVE in JESUS !!

Maybe we Muslims believe in JESUS more than Christians do..

The simple analogies are like this:

After a Muslim Professor had just finished his talk about Islam in an open seminar, when suddenly a student raises his hand and start asking question. This student is a loyal and pious Catholic student who came just to listen to the talk and confuse people about Islam. So his question sounds devilish to some of the listener.

“Professor, may I ask?” asked this student.

“Please, ask what may had confused you” said the Professor politely.

“Than you sir”, he take a deep breath, and continue his talking, “You said earlier in your speech that Muslims believe in God, in Prophets, but why do I heard that Muslim doesn’t approve Jesus? Doesn’t this belief contradict with what you said about Muslims?” he finished his question with a loud clapping from the audience.

“Aah!!! Jesus Christ, the man of attention” replied the Professor shortly. “Ok, about Jesus Christ. I will explain to you and all audience what the Muslim really thought of him” Said the Professor. And he continued: “All Muslim approve and know Jesus Christ. One who doesn’t approve of Jesus Christ is not a complete Muslim in belief.”

“What, really Professor? How can you say that?” said the student, realizing that he is now the one getting confusedinstead of trying to confuse everyone else.

“Yes, true...really true. A Muslim is one who has to believe in all prophets sent by Allah to educate and teach people of Islam, from Adam, Noah, Abraham, Joseph, Job, Jesus, to Muhammad. And all of these prophets are messenger of Allah, not to be worship or anything. So these prophets include Jesus Christ also. We Muslim believe in Jesus as the Messenger of Allah only and not the God’s son or God like the Christian believe.” explained the Professor.

This statement shocked the student. Never before in his entire life, had he heard that Muslims ever believe in Jesus, not that what he was taught in school or church. That opens up his heart and mind to learn more about Islam, this time not from Christian or Father, but from Muslim.

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Why do people around the world are afraid of Islam? What is this so called Islamophobia? Is it contagious? Is it dangerous?


Yes, this word is the most famous word in the world, famous in search engines and maybe the internet community. Islamophobia consist of two words, Islam and phobia. Islam came from Arabic word Salam – that is a word that means ‘submission or surrender’, but also can be translated as peace and harmony.

Islam as a whole phrase can be translated simply as: a religion the believers believe in Allah, have faith in the Last Messenger of Allah, Muhammad Rasulullah and his teaching, and also believe in other prophets send by Allah, believe in al-Quran as the Book of Allah and guidance but also believe in other books such as Torath, Bible and Zabur. Phobia comes from Greek word Phobos meaning fear or morbid fear. In phrase we can translate Phobia as “An extreme or irrational fear of or aversion to something”.  It is a type of anxiety disorder cause by persistent fear of things, objects, situation, people, organization or cause from one owns’ imagination.

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So combine these two words Islam and Phobia and we get a new word, Islamophobia. What is actually this Islamophobia thing? Oxford Dictionary Online translates Islamophobia as: noun; a hatred or fear of Islam or Muslims, especially as a political force.Collins English Dictionary Online translates Islamophobia as hatred or fear of Muslims or of their politics or culture. That’s right, fear of Islam or Muslims. Why should other people fear of Islam and Muslims in the first place? Why the people of the world are being brainwashed by the media to fear Muslim and Islam? Is there any concrete reason for that?

People tend to be afraid of something they cannot or didn’t understand. For example a man named John, John works as a professional skydiver, he do stunts and also teach people how to skydiving. But let’s say if there’s a bank coming to him asking him to audit their account, will John do it out of knowledge? Nah, 100 % guarantee he won’t. He will be afraid to do it because he doesn’t know accounting or doesn’t even have knowledge. Got the idea here? That is also the same situation happening to human and people all over the world when being mentioned about Islam. They don’t know, they don’t understand that’s why they are afraid of Islam. 


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Learning Islam is not hard, Islam is the easiest and simplest religion that can be understand by the entire human in the world. Only those who want to open their mind, ready to learn and listen to the words and engage in academic and professional discussion can learn and understand Islam. You don’t have to convert to Islam to understand Islam, and you are not supposed to look through Muslims to learn and understand Islam, as the religion and its practitioner are two completely different things. Learn Islam through reading related books or websites, seek forums (with correct guidance, and not all online forums can be trusted), and also ask for help from those who really know and understand Islam, scholars who can help and guided you in learning Islam (and not just picking up someone we assume a Muslim but doesn’t know Islam either). Open up; let’s be friend, friend in religion and friend in understanding.


Our Prophet Muhammad SAW had reminded us that we Muslims carry the image of Islam. We are the representative of our religion, the promoter of peace and tranquillity in life.  We should heed to the advice of our Prophet in promoting Islam the correct way, don’t scare others with bad image and negative reflections of Islam. Remember, we will be rewarded by Allah for explaining Islam.  Our job is to promote the goodness and positive values of Islam, not to convert people. That is Allah’s job, human should not do Allah’s job as we are powerless. So lets us all promote Islam in a better way and make sure we Muslims have good connection and relationships with practitioner of other religion such as Christian, be it Catholic, Protestant or Evangelical, Buddhist, Hindus, Confucius, Lao Tzu, Sikhs, and many other religious in the world. 
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