Lets learn Jordan arabic.."Buying tomato sauce"

boy : ya muallem,,salam,,keif hal? ( mister, how are you?)

shopkeeper : yallah halak sodiq, ana bilkhaeir,,syoo akhbarak sodiq? ( i'm fine,how are you?)

boy : ana fi sihhah., fi shattah ya muallem? ( im fine too.,do you have tomato sauce?)

shopkeeper : fi sodiq,.,biddakiya shattah aadi au har? ( yes i do have. do you want normal tomato sauce or the hot one?)

boy : mu biddi har, lakin aadi bas, ( i dont want the hot one, just the normal tomato sauce please..)

shopkeeper : yaLLah tafaddhal..nuhsf dinar. ( here it is, 50 cents )

boy : teslam (thanks)

Lets learn Jordan arabic.."At a bus station"

girls : Ahaza baaas ilal amman ya muallem? ( is this the bus to amman mister?)

old man : laa'..haza baas ilal karak, ( no. this bus is going to Karak)

girls : wein mahattah baas ilal amman? fi baas am la al yaum? ( where can i get a bus to amman, is there any bus today?)

old man : tob'an fi ya banat, lakin alaiki listanna syuwai..ba'da nushf saah bijii baas. (of course there is bus today,but you have to wait for 30 minutes, then the bus will come )

girls : lakin nahnu musta'jil jiddan, ehna maueed fil mushtashfa ( but we want to go now, we have an appointment at the hospital )

old man : lau biddakiya bilmusta'jil, ruh bil taksi. ( if you want to go fast, go with taxi )

girls : yaLLah syukran muallem ( thanks mister )

old man : ahlen ( no problem)

Lets learn Jordan arabic.."At a chicken shop"

shopkeeper : syu biddak ya sodiq ?  ( what do you want my friend?)

boy : ana biddi djaj wahid, ( i want a chicken)

shopkeeper : ahh, gaddeish kilo biddakiya? ( how is the weight ? how many kilo do you want ?) 

boy : biddi djaj asghar min stnein kilo  , lau akbar mu biddi ( i want chicken not more than two kilo, if it weigh more, i don't want. 

shopkeeper : sa abhas ladaik ya sodiq, bastanna syuwai. ( i will find it for you. wait a little )               

after fifteen minutes :

shopkeeper : tafaddhal djajuka ya sodiq, azbah kullu tamam ( here is your chicken my friend, i have clean it up for you )

boy : teslam ya muallim, gaddeish hayy djaj? ( thanks. how much is this?)

shopkeeper : dinarain wa rubbuk ya sodiq. ( two dinar and 25 cents )

boy : tafasddhal ( here take this money )

shopkeeper : syukran ( thanks) 

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