We destroy earth on our own..

Okeh i am stopping here bout jordan arabic for a while, maybe i will continue it after this. I want to talk about global warming,. Lame? so old-thinking? Hey..don't make any desicion too fast before you can really know whats going on.

Okay,,why i talk about global warming? Because the earth is soooo hot now. in Malaysia, for example. the normal temperatuer nowadays is about 30 something right? Thats not really normal for a khatulistiwa climate country like malaysia. and what do you know? there are some time that not even a raindrop of water fell from the sky/ Why? Because the earth is sick.

Thats in Malaysia. What about in Arabs countries? yeah i know its summer now, but to being sooo hot day and night, its really absurd. In Jordan for example..the day's temperature can reach about 34 or 37 Celsius everyday. and night? maybe 32 Celsius. You see, even the night is hot, !!!

This global warming happens because the job of peoples' hand. Its the inhabitants of earth that really destroy earth, not aliens or some creature from outer space. Its the people who destroy the earth themselves. Like that being state in the Al-Quran al-Karim : Surah Ar-Rum, 41 : 

"so there being the destruction on land and sea because of the hand of the people, and Allah wanted them (people) to taste the destruction themselves, So that they will return (to the truth, al-Haq )

Return to Allah and return to islam. Islam is a relegion of peace, a "deen al-aman". There we can really guide ourselves to make the earth we live more lively.

p/s : Al-fatihah to al-marhum Ustaz Hassan Shukri. may Allah reward you with His promise of the Jannah (heaven) for your work in making Islam being truly respected. He ( Allah) will not broke His promise to those who fight for Islam. Allahuakbar..!!


missyonne said...

ilove d birdy3 pics!
n ilove islam too


LOVE ALWAYS S I T I ♥ ♥ ♥ said...

the weather can make u thin... hehehe

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