MAke yourselF USeful..

If you cannot fixed soething, don't destroy it..

If you cannot beat em'..join em'..

Thats the way that every muslim should know..and apply it in their life. You know, sometimes we doesn't know our true USE in this life until we can really face the situation.

U all see, Allah created us in many ways, many shape and races, different colour of skin and truly different brain. But, we all can contribute to a same point, making the world a better place to live, and make sure islam is being respected by all, not being afraid to.

SO, have you tought of what you can contribute to ISLAM? i don't care wether you studied islamic or not, engineering, or teacher, or many others, as long the spirit is in you, make yourself useful for islam. Thats the true way of life, and thats what many youngster reaaaaaaaaaaaally failed to see. If you think life is just for fun, just for hepi-hepi joli-joli.. Then its not the true purpose of life for you.

LIVE yourself USEFUL for others, and you will find others USEFUL for YOU..

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missyonne said...

:) dont destroy it kan?...

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