The true lies of winter..Azab mu tahu dok!!!

Everybody says "cool,its winter.."
"cool we can play snow.."
"Wah great  you can touch the snow.."
Hey everybody..
Winter doesn't as good as you see..
Its 10% "nikmat" and 90% "azab" you know..
Let me tell you..
the secret of winter..
Heres what happen during Friday and Saturday for me..

When it is winter..

The wind blew strongly everyday and everyday..

Everyday i have to wore gloves..

And socks everyday..

And don't forget..big,heavy boots..


And big,busy big sometimes i looks fat in it..hehehe..

At last i might end up looking like this..

Looks cool right? but its totally "azab"..hahahaha..

But for the sake of knowledges, i won't take this all as a block..

Hadith Rasulullah says..

" Whoever walk/ go through a path looking for "ilmu"@knowledges, Allah will clear his path and ease him to heaven.."

~ Amin ya rabbal alamin..~

When i am...

When i sick..
Allah cured me..
When i am weak..
Allah cure me..
When i feeling down,.
Allah give me strength..
When i am out of deep breath..
Allah make me clean..
When i am in danger..
Allah save me..
When i am cold..
Allah give me 'akal' to think..
Praise be to Allah Almighty

saje jer ni..hehehe...
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