Life is short, make it very useful to us

Assalamualaikum for all, how are you doing?

Alhamdulillah we are given the time and life to breath, speak, eat, meeting people, and most importantly the will to pray for Allah swt...

Friends and family,

Lets not forget the main purpose of our existance, is it to gather money?is it to gather fame and fortune?Noooo !!!!

Our main purpose of life is to pray to Allah and adhere to His command and teaching

May Allah swt guide us all from being astray


Holiday with wife

Its weekend again and I manage to spend my day with my wife, Asma bt Ahmad Shukri. She is the most caring, lovely, beatiful and perfect girl for me.. Thanks dear for becoming my wife.

So to spend some useful time with her, we went to KWC, short termed for Kenanga Wholesale City Mall situated in Jalan Hang Tuah/ Jalan Gelugor Kuala Lumpur. Its a heaven for women,bussinessman and woman to find clothes, apparels and all things related to clothes right from the 1st- 7th floor.

Love you my dear !!!

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