Appreciating life by giving to others..

Life moves away..

Life is something sooooooo short.
Its goes smooth and silently..without even we cannot feel it went away..
trust me..many philosophers and motivators have stated it.
the more we live our life..
the faster the time went away..
Its like an ant walking down a big table..
the ant cannot even feel a slight movement if the table was moved..
because the ant is soooo small to feel it.

How to appreciate life?

Well,,many ways and styles that people use to appreciate life..
But the easiest way is to benefiting others.
Yes thats right..
By benefiting others..we will feel the true meaning of life..
Give others your helping hand..
Trust me..its really make your life feel better..
Others can be happy,,and so are you..

So what to do?

So the easiest way is..
Change your lifestyle now..
If you currently live a quite life..
just thinking of yourself..
change it..
make sure you live your life by benefiting others..
and you will surely find that..
YOur life is happier than ever..
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