Fulfill Parents Wishes

In Islam, and also taught in other religion, its a must that as children we fulfill the needs and wishes of our parents,
As long as we can manage to fulfill it.. for example Driving for 2hours just to have dinner with family, or flying 400km on 2days just to see the smile of our parents, its a must for all children that their parents are their priority...

ALLAH SWT said in the Holy Quran
وقضى ربك اﻻ تعبدوا اﻻ اياه وبالوالدين احسانا
Meaning :
And Allah ask us to obey no one but being good to parents

So this can lead us to know that parents in our main priority, and we should respect and obey them in good deeds only, and we should remember that Allah will reward us for all the sacrifice we had done to our parents insyaAllah... dunya wal akhirah

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