Preparing to Make Life Easier

Life can be difficult. True, no doubt about that. But what can be more difficult is no preparing to face the life. You cannot just run away from everything. Instead, face the problem and be successful.
"Life can be a war" muttered a street buskers. Yeah right. A war we should always win.

From school days till working years, we are taught by our parents to compete, edge out others, be a winner. So no doubt life is easy since the beginning.

What can make our life easy?or easier than others? It is the will to compete and pray for Allah. Have faith in Allah, cause He is the One who create us, human being and all things in the universe, and only he can make things easier to us.

Aftermath of Big Bad Flood

Allah SWT says in the Glorious Quran ( al-Quran al-Karim) :

Is it you who make it (rain) come down ot Us (Allah) who make it pour?

Verily human being should not forget that Allah SWT is the most powerful and merciful.. He can do and make whatever he desired upon Us..human being.

The aftermath of flood in Kelantan is really bad. After a week (or more) of coping and struggling with waters all around Kota Bharu Allah shows mercy and blessing to stop the rain..

But the after effect is really bad.. Really terrible.. People cannot even cope woth water that Allah send upon us.. 

Cars damaged, houses destroyed, human drowned, trees, plants all destroyed, places wrecked among the devastating effects seen after the big bad flood..

This shows that for all the intelligence and greatness human had, human are nothing compared to Allah SWT the Most Powerful and Merciful..

Oo Allah forgive us for all wrongdoing we had done.. and guide us to the way of Jannah .. Ameen

Big Bad Flood

Last month was maybe the worst months of the year... Half of Malaysia was seriously hit by flood !!!

Imagine a big city like Kota Bharu, the main hometown of Kelantan was halfly sunmerged underwater.. Villages drown in fast, moving water, 4 storey school was left with only the top storey no touched by water, with all other storeys underwater. Imagine that !!!

After about 122,000 ++ people were transfered to evacuation places, after hundreds of houses and cars damaged, drown and swept by strong current of water, Alhamdulillah praise be to Allah the flood tragedy is over.   For now..

People starts to return to their home, cleaning their mud-splashed houses, repairing cars and belongings drown underwater, helps came from the whole nation for the flood victims...

Hopefully this is only the beginning of a new life in a new year,.2015 !!

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