Sharing..its wonderful..

What we have, what we will give..

Fellas..What will you do if you got Rm 3 in your hand, you are feeling pretty-pretty exhausted because of the sun, walking down a road while returning from class at college, you met an old woman with a scrappy-looking shirt and looking old,tired and weak. Opposite of you if a food stall, selling "pisang goreng and kopok lekor tganu" hot from the stove, and beside it a stall selling cold, iced-fruit juice. What is the first things that came across you mind?

Sympathized with other, Allah sympathized with us..

I know maybe many will think, "aaaaah, i'm dead tired and hungry and thirsty, why should i help this old lady? i will treat myself"..Thats what maybe many will thought, but don't you all think deeply before making some decision? Whats the rush? Theres a hadith by Rasulullah s.a.w said : ( Rushing and doing something too fast is the work of syaitan ) So..think deeply before you make any decision. Lets put it this way, in a mathematical order (man,,i love mathematic.hehehe..)

Situation 1 :
You are hungry+thirsty+tired for an hour ( your class is an hour )
The hostel is just a minutes away
-So. You can eat at hostel with the cafes' in it.

Situation 2 :
The old lady was hungry+thirsty+tired for weeks
She maybe doesn't have anywhere to go
She maybe doesn't have relatives to ask for 
-So she didn't have anything+anyone to ask for help
-Beside YOU and your RM3 !!!

Pity her, give your RM 3 to her, or if you can help, go buy her the "pisang goreng+kopok lekor" and a  glass of juice and give it to her, You will found out that a great relief will fill your life after that. Who knows?
Maybe when theres a time for you to grad, and you just need a point (0.01) to achieve Dean-List and become top student in your college, Allah send into the hearts of your lecturers (sympathy) to give you 0.02 mark freely. Maybe you just think it as a Gift or "rezki" from Allah,.But why didn't you reflect yourself to the time you help the old lady with goreng pisang+kopok lekor and juices? You sympathized her, Allah repay it by SYMPATHIZING you. Those unexpected 0.02 point makes you top student in your college, and make you being appointed in high post while applying to work, maybe you will receive support from the Government to continue your studies Overseas with a secured job when you return. WOw..Great future you got.!!

Sharing is Wonderful

So my friends.. SHARING is WONDERFUL,, Maybe you didn't see the effect immediately but who knows it makes a great impact in your life someday.


OUr own life..

What are we looking for really in our life?

Do you think you can take the love to heaven?
LOve isn't everyone target,,
Some said..Between great love, money create the bridge,,
Some said,,To achieve LOVE we must KNOW ourselves..
Thats why many hop for counselling courses..
So..LOVE isn't the greatest things, right?
Romeo and Juliet suffer because of LOVE..right?
Taj MAhal, built because of LOVE,,suffering many people to built it..
So..LOVE is the greatest ??

They say,,MOney is the source of HAPPY life..
You can have everything with money,,
But didn''t they know..
MONEY is the source of all EVIL..
Didn't they ever learnt?
HOw can you be HAPPY if you always worried for money?
Rasulullah S.A.W happy being a normal person..
NO money attached in Rasulullah's life !!!

They say..when you have power..
You rule..
You are the greatest..
You are the TOP..
Didn't they see..
Many POWERFUL person are now just a mere comb..
A mere "mayat" ?
POwer doesn't give you everything..


Think cleverly...What you really want??

Motivational blog..or Islamic blog? both maybe?

A fren asked me..
"your blog is a motivational blog or what?"
"sometimes i saw stories,, sometimes islamic advices.."
Hahaha,,i laugh in front of him..
You can say both..
I just like to share,,
Share my knowledge..
Why should i let waste of knowledge Allah gave me..
It for me to share,.

You !!!
Share your knowledge..
For the benefits of US..


...::..See the sight..Look the sky..::...

Upon the sky i looked..
Never the life became so hooked..

Till you reach the youth..
Life is full of myth and booth..

Booth for us to go...
And to decide our life also..

When we lost our hope and felt sorrow..
Remember Allah is the God we follow..

Don't forget Him ever..
Being forgotten by Him we will never..

To enjoy fully our life..
Remember its full of surprise..

That its a must that no magicians can tell..
How much you are doing to save you from hell..

Whenever you felt your sin is high as a mountain..
Repent always,,its release you from Hell drain..

I am not ustaz or ustazh !!! why me???

We are all light to Islam..
Do you think who are responsible to dakwah people?
You, me, you and me..
We all together..
What.,you are not?

"Please sir, i studied medic..not me to dakwah2.."
"I'm going to be a lawyer..up to you la nk dakwah ke x.."
"Ohf..i'm super busy with bussiness..why don't you dakwah ustaz, i pay you?"

See fellas..
Why you ( who doesn't even take islamic studies ) doesn't care to dakwah?
Dakwah is not just about ustaz...or ustazah..
Weather you studied engineer, or mass comm..or studied medic..
As long as you are muslim..
You must dakwah people..
Start with something simple..
Asking your friends not to grab mans hand ( for girls) and the other ways..
Asking your friends to always solat at the right time
Or don't left solat...
Asking your friends to read Quran at free time..
Asking your friend to wear proper clothes..
So many simple things for us to dakwah..

"Kullukum raie wa kullukum masulun an raiyatih.."


"Everyone of us have responsibilites.And everyone of us will be asked for our own responsibilities ( in front of Allah ).." 

How are our preaparation for war?

How are our preaparation to dakwah others for islam?
Do you know..

While you and your family happily eating biscuits..
The "Kuffar" are meeting 24 hours a day..
To plan to attack us MUSLIM..
Do you know,,
When we were happily goes to school..
The Kuffar are planning to attack "aqidah" of our friends at school..
How do we can defend islam and save islam..
If we doesn't take anything or planning anything to save and dakwah islam?
I give you an analogy..
" how can a group of ants climbing a tree if they doesn't know the weather, condition and preapration to climb?


Heres another one..
"How do we fly a ballon if we doesn't fills it with air, and doesn't calculate the timing and correct place for its to landing?"


You will know the answer..
Prepare yourself for dakwah always,,


Opening my facebook..
I was shocked..
So so so shocked..
One of my friend had engaged..
One of my friend had married..
One of my junior had married..

They whom looks nothing two, three years ago..
Suddenly married, engaged...
Hey you..
Whom are born 1988, 1987 or above..
Do you think its better two married early or married late?
Which one is the priority, target, married or achieving you dream first?
Which one will you sacrifice first to achieve something else?
Either one have its own good or bad..
Up to you lah..
Think wisely..

"Tepuk dada, tanye iman dan cita-cita..."
"Family jangan lupa..tanpa mereka siapa kita.."

I phone madness...

My friend here just bought an ipdone yesterday..
Another of my friend are waiting to buy it..
Maybe a week,,and he will use an iphone..
Another friend of mine in Malaysia also want to buy an iphone..
What is happening here..
Why peoples want this iphone so muuuuuuchh??
I just manage to play and touch my friend iphone.,.
All aspect is amazing to me..
From the front page to the backside..
Its totally "bombastic"
Me using iphone?
Wait and see..
Maybe not now fellas...hahaha
Anyone want to give me one?


Sinking without trace..

A very rude man..
Once told me..
I will be the best in this knowledge..
And get great result..
Without studying..
Because he he think that..
He is a genius..(??)
What an arrogant attitude..
So as time goes by..
He now almost getting expelled from his university..
For pooor results..
How great thing can change,,right??
Nauzubillah min zaalik...

Read,. Memorize..Learn..

After finishing classes..
Me and my friend went to Amman..
A big and main city in Jordan..
So i went to a Bookshop..(Maktabah)..
Soooooooo many books of many genres there,,
Truly a heaven for me..
So while searching for some hadeeth books..
I met this guy..
A clean, good looking man..
His name, Sheikh Ahmad Jarrar..
After a little chat..
He taught me many things about being a student..
He said that,,as a student..
We must conquer three simple step in learning..
Read - Do read the books that we studied..
Memorize - As students of many subjects, memorize the notes and important things so the knowledges stay in our head..
Learn - its compulsory for us to learn with teachers..Learning alone are like learning from a stupid things.. hard to get them..

So hard to get knowledge right?
As for me..
After reading half of Madkhal ila Fiqh Islami..
After making great notes about it..
I found this subject getting harder and harder,..
Its true that a saying...
"The more you learn the more you don't know"...
I wonder how great islamic scholars manage to...
Wrote, read and memorise so many knowledge..
We a weaker than those of the past,..

Beautiful night...

Jordan sky looked so bright..
Such a wonderful sight..
For me its great scenery..
Cannot imagine like that in my life..
I didn;t manage to capture it..
But forever it'll stay in my mind..

Donate...For a ticket to heaven..

You are walking down a road..
And you are hungry..very hungry..
Then at a junction..
You saw an old lady,
Dressing in a very rusty, old clothes..
She seems like doesn't eat for many days..
She seems like doesn't have any relatives..
She seems like have lost all hope for living..

You put your hand on your pocket..
 And found a RM10+RM5+RM2 note..
With RM10 you can buy a set of KFC meal..
With RM 5 you can eat fully at a mamak court..
With RM 2 you can buy a packet of biscuit at 7eleben..

Which one will you give to her?

Think for yourself..
Donate to book a ticket to heaven...

DIE !!!! Wahahaha.,..

Some day we will all die..
We all will go to the land of the dead..
Like people before us..
Always remember Allah..
Prepare ourselves to die..
Allah warn us in the Quran..
"Every person will die.." (kullu nafsin zaaiqatul maut..)
Have you done enough 'amalan' to save you from 'azab'?
Always think for yourselves..


I play a lot..
Play computer game..
Play-play in class..
Play in my house..
What is happening to me?
Call 011-282992309 for answering this question..
Correct answers will receive bangalow,
A ferrari car made in Italy, and...
A touch screen phone plus mp3 player from sony..

"Jangan biarkan diri anda diselubungi misteri.."

How are your IQ?

How are your iQ?
Is it big? 
Is it great?
How do you can test your IQ?
Click google..
Type "IQ test" in the search box..
Then you will find many pages to IQ test..
Test you IQ and find out how do you fare with others..

I have test this myself...
my result is okay...
really okay for me..
but i am not satisfied..
maybe i want to increase my IQ., 
be more smarter to help me in dakwah Islam insyaAllah..

Everyone wanted special things..but...

Everyone wanted special things..
For everyone, they want special man 0r woman in their life..
For a Boss, they want a BIG, Mega project with mega salary..
For man, they want the latesst cool,,sport car..
For students., they want Excellent results..
For Parents, they want a Soleh and Intelligent kids..
For many chidren, they want understanding and sporting parents..
For Someone.. they want Iphone, the latest in store..

Hey you..!!!!

You all want something better for the "duniawi" only..
Have you forgot "akhirat" ?
Do you think that by always laughing can take you to heaven?
Do you think by playing facebook can make you safe from Siratul mustaqim?
Didn't you think taht while you laugh with your friend, many people were "azab" in the "kubur"?
Didn't you think that while you were shopping many were suffering for their sin in "kubur"?
Didn't you think that the enjoying life you got can safe you from Allah in akhirat?

Wake up boys and girls..
Pray for Allah forgiveness always..
NEVER EVER let your guard down..
We can die anytime..anywhere...

"come la bro,,kubur masing-masing,,lu jangan kecoh la.."
"Nak ceramah pergi surau la bro...sini orang nak enjoy laa.."

STUPID !!!...

Hello...!!!! Because we must go to our own "kubur" la i advice you now..
When you are in your "kubur" no one can help you bro..!!!
Don't cry at that time as its useless..
Don't cry for ustaz2 help at that time asking for ilmu and doa...
At that time, you will realize..
"kubur masing-masing" and useless to repent there..

Its true "nak ceramah pergi surau.."
But you guys with no-nonsense attitude who doesn't care for akhirat,,doesn't go to surau..
How can i advice you if you didn't go to surau bro?
Don't let till you die, or someone from your family die. then you come to ask fo help from imam at surau..
Why didn't you go to your enjoy places, ask for help from your enjoy frenz?

"Oo..time tu baru nak kenal surau?"

I hope pak imam replied like this.."Come on bro, your parent die, go la ask for your ENJOY frenz help.."
"This a place for people who attach their life for Allah only..we just help these people, not you.."

Now then you will know how tall is the sky from you...

Didn't they ever learn?

Another what arabs love most..
Is smoking..
These arabs makes smoking like their life...
Im not saying all..But MAJORITY..
They like to smoke..
Even kids..maybe high school..
Seems to carry smokes and a lighter with them..
Even Arabs woman smokes..
What is this smoke things?
Smoking is Jews plan to kills Muslims..

"If we cannot kill Muslims the let they killed themselves..."

Arabs..MAJORITY of them are heavy smoker..
Jews have succeeed in killing us Muslims..
Can't you stand sitting in a bus with 8 out of 10 passenger with you smokes in bus?
Without opening the window..
On a three hour trips?
Trust me its STINKS !!!!

Top smoking please........

A stupid/unashamed arab couple..

As usual..
The "Art of Army" class for me..
is as bored as ever...
Not because i didn't understand what the lecturer says..
Its because he talks about army all the time..
Can you imagine learning army's word, phrases in arabic?
WTF..!!! hehehe..:-)
But..What make me most annoyed..
Is not the lecturer or the class..
I'm really love to go the class ( its 'wajib') hehehe..
But what annoyed me most..
Is an arab couple..
Sits beside me..
The man and girl..
Always sit they are husband and wife..
What is absurd more..
They sit in front row..
Its like a LivE-FrEe dating show every week..
Doesn't they ashamed to the class or lecturer?
I really want to "pok pala" on them..

Relinquishing cake dream...

One day,..
A man goes to town..
He bought a piece of cake..
A chocolate cake..
What he must do to eat the cake?
Theres got to be a lot of things and hard work for him..
Lets help him to eat the cake..
___________ his mouth..


___________ up the cake...


___________ it to his mouth...


___________ it with pleasure..


Moral of the story..

Don't eat if you are lazy.. 
Nothing will come to you with yourself engulfed in laziness...

Lazy guys..

I'm still lazy in updating this blog..
Sometimes envy with my frenzz...
Even afif, sofi, and others are more eager to update their blog..
Envy, jealous..
I myself didn't have the spirit..
Sori blog..
For letting you down..

.:: Goodness ::..

I'm late for everything today..
Woke up late..
Went to class late..
Even i'm not packing my bag properly..
Disaster today..
i overslept last night..
no no no..

Sajer jer kongsi..
Got many things in my head to write and share..
But maybe limited time..
I am not really in the mood to share..
Buzy with class..and arabs..

~ Chow..~

Hey,,,thats my line..!!!

I went to Umawi cafe..
And queue up to buy food and drinks..
Then two arabs came..
Without thinking of me,.
Who came from far with a really weak body..
Just cut my line..
Hey, Thats my line !!!!..
Whats is this arabs,.
never have the "akhlak" or "adab"..
Hopefully i got bigger..
and stronger..
So i can kick them..




I almost got hijack by fever..
Well..i'm not blaming fever only..
its triple hijackers..
The tried to hijack my body..
Making me so WEAK..
A whole day long..
So i eat medicines..
The great War starts..
Inside my body..
At last..The ammunition in me won the day for me..

Got to study..:-)

Life is not what you seen..

When you hope for something..
It will change immediately..
Life is not what you expected..
Be an open-minded man..
And you will lead a happy life..
Its Qada' and Qadar from Allah..

No iDeA tO uPDatE...

I hAve No IdEa tO upDaTe tHis Blog..

I doNt KnOw..



Doesn't hAve IdEa..


REeMembEr The Name...

DrAin BraIn...OuT oF IdEa fellas...


Do You kNow whAt is KUSZA?

Its a PRESTiGE place For knowledges..

A barakah place..

Heres a pics of KUSZA...even with new name UDM..

KUSZA will forever be in my heart..

KUSZA ( udm)..!!!!!!



My routine today,,










SAJER JER,,,hehehe..



It is a known fact that every language has one or more terms that are used in reference to God and sometimes to lesser deities..
This is not the case with Allah. 
Allah is the personal name of the One true God.
Nothing else can be called Allah. 
The term has no plural or gender. 
This shows its uniqueness when compared with the word god which can be made plural, gods, or feminine, goddess.
It is interesting to notice that Allah is the personal name of God in Aramaic, the language of Jesus and a sister language of Arabic.

The One true God is a reflection of the unique concept that Islam associates with God.
To a Muslim, Allah is the Almighty, Creator and Sustainer of the universe, 
Who is similar to nothing and nothing is comparable to Him. 
The Prophet Muhammad was asked by his contemporaries about Allah; 
the answer came directly from God Himself in the form of a short chapter of the Quran,
 which is considered the essence of the unity or the motto of monotheism. 
This is chapter 112 which reads:

"In the name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate.
Say (O Muhammad) He is God the One God, the Everlasting Refuge, who has not begotten, nor has been begotten, and equal to Him is not anyone."
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