Everyone wanted special things..but...

Everyone wanted special things..
For everyone, they want special man 0r woman in their life..
For a Boss, they want a BIG, Mega project with mega salary..
For man, they want the latesst cool,,sport car..
For students., they want Excellent results..
For Parents, they want a Soleh and Intelligent kids..
For many chidren, they want understanding and sporting parents..
For Someone.. they want Iphone, the latest in store..

Hey you..!!!!

You all want something better for the "duniawi" only..
Have you forgot "akhirat" ?
Do you think that by always laughing can take you to heaven?
Do you think by playing facebook can make you safe from Siratul mustaqim?
Didn't you think taht while you laugh with your friend, many people were "azab" in the "kubur"?
Didn't you think that while you were shopping many were suffering for their sin in "kubur"?
Didn't you think that the enjoying life you got can safe you from Allah in akhirat?

Wake up boys and girls..
Pray for Allah forgiveness always..
NEVER EVER let your guard down..
We can die anytime..anywhere...

"come la bro,,kubur masing-masing,,lu jangan kecoh la.."
"Nak ceramah pergi surau la bro...sini orang nak enjoy laa.."

STUPID !!!...

Hello...!!!! Because we must go to our own "kubur" la i advice you now..
When you are in your "kubur" no one can help you bro..!!!
Don't cry at that time as its useless..
Don't cry for ustaz2 help at that time asking for ilmu and doa...
At that time, you will realize..
"kubur masing-masing" and useless to repent there..

Its true "nak ceramah pergi surau.."
But you guys with no-nonsense attitude who doesn't care for akhirat,,doesn't go to surau..
How can i advice you if you didn't go to surau bro?
Don't let till you die, or someone from your family die. then you come to ask fo help from imam at surau..
Why didn't you go to your enjoy places, ask for help from your enjoy frenz?

"Oo..time tu baru nak kenal surau?"

I hope pak imam replied like this.."Come on bro, your parent die, go la ask for your ENJOY frenz help.."
"This a place for people who attach their life for Allah only..we just help these people, not you.."

Now then you will know how tall is the sky from you...
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