A great leader? DaiE? Mad'Uu?

Going to recent Expo of Education (or Education Expo?) at University of Jordan, one of the presenter (i recalled he is a Prof from Saudis) Spilled out this magic word :

"Organizer is someone who create value of something from out of nothing"

So my fellow DaiE n MadUu.are you a great organizer?

Be careful to simplify and re-schedule your schedule..make it as simple but meaningful as you can..

A great Organizer is a great Leader..

Didn't you all know..you are destined to be Leader of Ummah? be it you are a girl or a boy..its in Your Blood...

Allah said in Quran : 

"I want to create the leader (caliph) to the world"

This magic word Caliph can be translated to Leader, Director, and Organizer..

there you have it..out of all thing that Allah creatred, you human are the Chosen One..the one who will guide others to safety..

So are you liveing your life quite the way Allah wanted in the first place? no? Then you may have forgot or missed this Magic words :

Allah said in Quran : " And every creation of Allah is the guidance for those who think "

So come on..pull yourself up..make way for a new breed of DaiE n MadUu you can become..be a great leader, organize yourself, and take others to the way people expected to be..the Jannah..
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