What you think..makes the next you are..

Be hepi..
When your life is 'dead'..

Be steady..
After your life seems destroyed,,

Be strong..
So the test of your life become weak..

Be wise..
When the life's so difficult..

What you think and mindset..
Will determined the goes of your life...

Think positiff always...
It makes the world goes round..


missyonne said...

comelnye rimau ! hehehe.

yes, only u know urself :)

permaisuri hati said...

talking about life..we will face many obstacle to be mature..to handle it..
what if we in the difficult time..to choose or manage something?yes true..we should be hey, steady etc. but, the more important thing to get everything you mention is by solat,recite Al-Quran and also prayer(doa)..

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