So you think?

So you think you are the great?
Make sure you make yourself greater than today..

So you think lifes always happy?
Make yourself happier every day..

So you think bad luck always come to you?
Fight the bad luck,be confidence and lady luck will smile to you..

So you think you are n0t as go0d as every0ne?
Think that they actually the same stage as you..

''We are what we think''

''Always think positive''

Wake uP!! Wake uP!!

I just started to feel a little bit fresh today,

After being hit by flu n coughness,

I think for about a week or so,

This body always felt week and sorrow,

Now tomorrows a new day,

Forget what happened for the least of way,

Wake up fuad for you got a world to conquer,

And make sure the world kn0w, you are here,

whateva la.hahaha..

Greater effort, Greater achievement

Ever heard of a wisdom's word :

''the bigger boat you have, the longer you can stay on the sea''

Well i doesn't really meant we must buy a boat, what i really meant is, with better effort you are putting in, the better you result you will get.

We must always be preacise n practikal, don't just dreaming of achieving something without laying some sweat.

''no football match are won without kicking a ball''

just a little motivation to share with you guys
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