Forget the PAAAAST..its dead,,the future is our target..

Felt so LET down by the PAST?
Just buried it. NO Use of you to cry for the bad things that happen in the past, no use to cry for bad luck of the past, its just cannot be undone, instead, look for the future.

Yes you can say that its easier said than done, but its easier to try for the newe life than regret for the past, you know. 

Imam Ghazali once asked his students, "what is the most furthest thing for human?" His student answered everything, China, the moon, the sun at the sky, the stars. Imam Ghazali said that all the answers is correct, but the most correct is TIME. We cannot undo the past, cannot predict the future, and cannot really catch the present. SO,. use your time wisely instead of remembering the sad, bad past.

Remember, the future is design for us to reach it from now, not to regret it after we past it. SO, lets change our life now for a better future..
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