Rasulullah SAW the Greatest Leader

Recently reading Muhammad  Stories From Early Source written by Martin Lings. (Picture below). Surprisingly for me I found some facts and information that I did not found (yet) in other books.

What surprise me is that this book combined well facts and stories with other seerah books (Sirah Ibnu Hisham, Raheeq Makhtum - The sealed Nectar, Collection of Hadith Sahih Bukhari and Muslim).

This books tell seerah Rasulullah from a good narrative side, easy to understand and bring us together in the life of Rasulullah SAW and his companions, since from the early life 'till, the startig of Prophethood, the struggles and jihad 'till Allah called for him to Jannah.

This book is a different type of seerah books unlike Fiqh Sirah by Mustafa Sibaie or In The Footstep of Muhammad by Tariq Ramadan. But reading different books give us different knowledge and understanding.

May Allah guide us all to follow the path and teaching of Prophet Muhammad and meet Him in Jannah. Ameen...

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