HAve a Target? Go for it..

Have a target? so what are you waiting for?

Hit the START Button an go for it..DOn't just wasting your time sitting and talking bout' something you said you wanna achieve but you merely doing nothing to achieve it, its just talk and talk and talk? NO-thing can you achieve.

When oliver and wilbur wright wanted to fly like a bird, they didn't just talk and dream till' they die. BUt they work hard to achieve it, the design a plan, they study the flow of the wind, they check how the pressure of the wings, and walllllahhhh...there you have it, a plane prepared for you to fly everywhere.

 SO, just sit back and relax doesn't really appropriate to use in achieving your target, this quotes only better being use in an airplane, not for you STUDENTS or dream-catcher people.

So please !!!... start to achieving your target now, its now or never, A country cannot win world cup if they doesnt preapare for their team mentally and physically from the first trainiing, instead, they will get a big mualing for not ready (world cup mode)

1 comment:

missyonne said...

talk talk talk.

dont do d talking.
but watching someone's face.


it makes work easier ;p

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