Why a sudden change?

Why a sudden change?..
I didn't change..
My simple-yet-enjoy style is still there...
Its just i'm trying many ways..
To variety my log..

Thanks for advices..
From my friends..
Always read..
My blog..
to you all..

Have a nice day..hahaha

How Great can it be?

How great can it be?

The first winter in my life, plus the first snow-walk in my life, its very wonderful.. If anyone asked me, "What is your greatest moments in you life?" listing from the time i was a small, cheerful boy 'till now, i totally will left smiling.Why? Because the lists will be impossible for me to listed all, very very long. All the precious time in my life, I will never forget.

Recently i wake up from my bed, with a very bad headache. Soon a friend of mine said, maybe because of the coldness of the winter. "Wow"..I mumbled to myself, the beautiful of the snow come with a heavy price, you life might be at risk if your body cannot bear the coldness of the winter.

Truly the greatest moment in my life is when i arrived in Jordan, at Queen Alia International Airport. Wow. What a great feeling i got back then. Maybe for others it doesn't mean anything just  to board on a plane, coming to other countries in this world, or maybe there are some students who make or feels it is normal travelling from middle east and Malaysia, but for me, its a once-in-a-lifetime chance for me.

After three years of waiting, at last i got the chance to come here. My original target is going to Egypt, talaqqi with Masasyeikhs there, but its Allah's fate i arrive here. No problemo, Jordan to have great vast of  knowledges. I will grabs it with all i can.

For my two years of my stint in degree here, only after finishing my degree here will a return to Malaysia i am. Not as an ordinary man, but a man full of knowledges wanting to teach the "umat" of Malaysia. Pray for me insyaAllah.

Missing Malaysia?

Well, of course i'm missing my country, my family, the food, the surroundings and everything. But, as a Mujahid here i will do my best, trying to acquire Mumtaz in exam result slips and Mumtaz in myself also, trying to do my best to become a great daie. For sure i'm enjoying my time here every minutes of it.

Have a nice day..:-)

Interview with Spidey...hehehe

Heres Spidey, happily climbing around Amman, Jordan one evening. As a fan of him, i manage to meet him and arrange an interview with him. I wrote it below for you all.

How high will you climb to achieve you target?
How far will you go to make sure your target is within your grasp?
Ask Spidey how high he will go :

Q : Spidey, how high will you climb?
S : Me? ( with a shocking tone) I will climb as high as i can.
Q: What if Green Goblin uses a Jet skate?
S : So i will uses a Rocket-skate
Q : What if Dr Octo uses a rocket Spidey? How will you catch him?
S : Of course thats easy...I will sabotage his rocket before he uses it.
Q : Oohf..So you are willing to do anything huh Spidey?
S : Not anything silly..I will follow the Syarak of Course. Allah have told use in Quran to follow and abide by  
     the syaria law. Preventing Doc Oct from doing Evil is a great deed. You should see in the Quran if you 
     didn't believe me.
Q : Spidey, how great of you..Do you memorizing the Quran? 
S : To memorize the Quran is a greatest achievement to anyone. I'm trying but InsyAallah i'll manage it with  
     Allah Guidance.
Q :So..where are you going after this.?
S : Its almost isyak now, i better get going. Remember, always read the sorah Yaasin every morning after 
     Subuh prayer, it will help you to be save all day from morning 'till you sleep. This is a message i obtain 
     from Ustaz Ismail Kamus and Ustaz Azhar Idrus.
Q : Okay thank you. Heres Spidey folks..Pray that we shall meet him again.

End of interview.                             

The dawn of a new ERA..

I just got through the spirit to update blog..I am so excited to hear that my application and all four of my friend were granted to studies in University of  Mu'tah so time had been spent on anything else..hehe..emm..Why it is so great to studying in Mu'tah University for me? Because heres the reason..:

1. I got too many rest and holiday before i cannot wait to start studying again. STUDENT LIFE IS GREAT. Enjoy it my friends.

2. I got jealous of my friends in MU'TAH and AL-BAYT and JUST and USIM and UDM and UKM and UIA and UITM and UTM and UTP and Al Azhar and all of Egypt Medics' Students when i heard they are going to class or studying. Jealous because i cannot go to class before.

3. Can't wait to lay my hand on books and pens and paper writing, reading, memorizing and doing anything that had got to do with studying.hehehe...

4. Can't wait to face the challenge that had been faced by many of my friends in Jordan And Egypt, to listen, heard, understand lecture in AMMI.. Can't wait to face these..I like it.. hehehe

5. I am going to conquer the world with knowledges.. My IDOLS and MENTORS, Sultan Muhammad Al-Fateh and Sultan Salahuddin Al-Ayubbi..I will not let you both down. ISLAM will be appreciated again INSYAALLAH..

The new chapter of my life will begin soon..
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