I am a muslim...

Ok so yesterday i make my normal school holiday trip around the world of youtube..wahhhhh... and i found this video..
It sure is catchy given it was so simple-realistic and so easy to understand..
from my point of view it sure is beautiful, promoting Islam as the way it should be,
Clearing the bad air of people around the world about Islam,
telling people that Islam is not as cruel-fight-hard to follow-no nonsense religion as they were pictured by some freak-out group of anti-Islam,
Tell you mate, Islam is a global religion that is for all mankind and easy to follow,
And remember, this video shows that Islam is not Arabs only, not for arab and we did not need to be an Arab to embrace Islam..
So lets all say hurrahhh for islam and muslim..
And lets make this world as peaceful as we can...

Among those catchy word from this video for those who want to know islam :

Hi..I'm not a terrorist or a date merchant..
i don't live in a tent or keep my wife sit top all day..
For the record, i knew who she was before i married her too..
i have more than just white robes and sandals in my closet..
And i never actually rode a camel before..ever..
I'm sure they are great animal at all..
I do know someone name Ahmad/Ahmed..
But he not the guy from your economics's class..
So..stop asking..
Falafel actually is not my favorite type of food..
i don't know even how to tie a turban..
and i never work at a gas station or drive a taxi cab..
And i don't think you are infidel either..
I believe in peace..
i believe in people of all different religion and belief living together in harmony..

whewww too long to type it all..so hear it for yourself folks...lets change that negative view towards Islam..

A new hope ( macam tajuk citer star wars la pulak..:-D )

At last..it did arrive to this summer sem..
The semester that can i frankly says as "the second stop before end"
And with this summer semester., i finally have completed my two years original target of coming to jordan...

So..may target is to graduate in january, since i have another 11 subjects to complete..
11= 4@5 this summer semester, and another 6@7 at January semester..
And at last it come to this..
And i really cannot believe my eyes..

Many questions are surrounding me nowadays..
Am i ready to graduate? am i ready to return to my country? am i ready to share and educate the people in my home country? Am i fulfilling my duty and targets here? What am I gonna do after graduating? am i really the right man in this field of studies (islamic studies) ? Am I ? AM I?

Only Allah knows what's the best for me, and HE will not create something if HE deemed i am not ready to achieve and receive it..
Orait...The holidays is almost over, and i will give my all for this summer sem, be it to take 4 subjects or 5 subjects, i don't care...
I will give my best shots..GO GO GO...

Pray for me friends...

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