Love : before or after married?

Finally..the topic that i didn't really have any knowledge in this,

But i think i will try to start writing in this..'
Sharing what i know and what i can give to you friends..

People will fall in love,.
and in islam, its a matter of true love or bad love..
Eternal love of course for Allah,,right?
But heres a question, are we wrong to fall in love?
In islam, its not wrong to fall in love..
But, what important is the way you handle it..
For me,.who also happen to be a human,
I think it is normal to fall in love..
But, make sure you can handle your love..
Make it after-married love, it will be sweeter..

If you happen to fall in love with some one now..
Do know him/her,know their family, habits, or whatsoever..
Make sure its a NORMAL LOVE now.
And make sure you keep your TRUE LOVE for the married life..
InsyaAllah you will be happily ever after..

Its mean, LOVE now, and LOVE later,LOVE forever...

Pray for Allah..

[shairng is wonderful]

Learning BI is hard..?

"WTF is the teacher said? I didn't even understand.."
What is this grammar thing? i better learn hip hop..."
"Why we must learn English? our own language is Malay.."

This is just a few comments i got from my friends..
Is BI really hard to learn?
i felt it is so waste for us STUDENTS not to learn BI..and master it..
We start learn BI from "tadika"
Why we still cannot master it?
Its because lack of "Applying" it in our life..

Fellas..Learn BI, because we can have more chace of  knowing things out of our world..
Didn't we know, many Orientalists now try to disrupt islam with books, magazines and articles that condemn islam?...
And truly many of these writing are in BI..
If we doesn't learn Bi then how we can counter them?....
How we can save ISLAM from them?....
For the sake of ISLAM,learn it and master it..

Heres a tips from me to all my friend..
Hahaha..i am not so bijok in BI, but just wat2 bijok, so i can apply BI in my life and master it..

hope you can do it too..

[sharing is wonderful]
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