And the journeys keep going..

just returned from airport,
sending my senior a.k.a sifo0 mr. Khairullah anuar,
returning to malaysia after 2years in jordan,
along the way home my head kept thinking,
a year from now and its my turn to board that flight,
a year from now and i will leave this jordan country,
a year from now and i will graduate..
Does its mean the end of my student life?

Theres a saying,
learning is from small to the day we die,
but how many people have practically done it?
Does finishing with a degree means we can live happily?
N0t for me, for sure.

Even if i finish my degree,
i think its the start of my journey,
right now?
Im still at the beginning of the road..
To reach the end?
Try to start my journey first,
then i'll work my hardest to the end.

P/s : go0d luck khair, do ur best in 'the real world' at malaysia..

Lost city of marj,karak..

Recently,i just finished my final exam,
for this sem only,
so i decided to go on holiday,
to where?
The lost city of marj,karak (or kerak).

I have a friend who lives there,
malaysian of course,
so he invited me to spend a night there,
and i gladly accepted.

Upon arriving there,
after 30minutes of travelling (or less),
i was so excited.

The view there,
is so beautiful,
this city is up above the mountain,
so the view from there,
its really catchy.

I can watch the sun set,
and the karak city lays str0ngly,
i can feel the cold mountain air,
and the purest water of the mountain.

I feel go0d,
just a nice place to rest,
and release my stress.


we are getting old,
i am getting old,
u are getting old,
he is getting old,
she is getting old,
they are getting old..

The older we are,
the matured we'll be (or not?)

the older we are,
the wiser we'll be (or not yet?)

old is the sign of power..
Old kingdoms ruled the world,
new kingdoms being ruled over,

everyone getting old,
old n older n oldest..
And then we die.. (or die young)

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