Always have plan B ,C for success..

Theres a man (a play-maker) carrying the ball, and he jinked past three defenders, looked up, watch two of his team-mates ( both of them strikers) and make an acute-through pass through the defenders, and reach the feet of one of them, and its resulted in goal. 

Heres another match, and the same man is carrying the hope of the nation, as a playmaker he really have to carved open the opponents defenses, but this time its different, he was tightly marked for the whole game, the manager doesn't even have a plan B,C tactics, and as a result, they lost and out of the tournament.

Friends. thats how our life also can turn out to be. If we only depends our life on a one-off plan, we are doom. trust me, its true Qada' and Qadar in Allah's fate, but its our choice to make it, because Allah will not change the fate of human unless these same human change it themselves first. So, we must ready to change.

If we saw that our life is trembling, lead to a failure, than don't afraid to change. Don't afraid to use plan B, C. If we saw that the way we studied doesn't improve our result, than change the way we read books, or the way our life with lecturers..its really important to prepare ourselves for any circumstances that we will go through.

As it is famously quoted :
"The failure to plan means we plan ourselves to failure"

Forget the PAAAAST..its dead,,the future is our target..

Felt so LET down by the PAST?
Just buried it. NO Use of you to cry for the bad things that happen in the past, no use to cry for bad luck of the past, its just cannot be undone, instead, look for the future.

Yes you can say that its easier said than done, but its easier to try for the newe life than regret for the past, you know. 

Imam Ghazali once asked his students, "what is the most furthest thing for human?" His student answered everything, China, the moon, the sun at the sky, the stars. Imam Ghazali said that all the answers is correct, but the most correct is TIME. We cannot undo the past, cannot predict the future, and cannot really catch the present. SO,. use your time wisely instead of remembering the sad, bad past.

Remember, the future is design for us to reach it from now, not to regret it after we past it. SO, lets change our life now for a better future..

HAve a Target? Go for it..

Have a target? so what are you waiting for?

Hit the START Button an go for it..DOn't just wasting your time sitting and talking bout' something you said you wanna achieve but you merely doing nothing to achieve it, its just talk and talk and talk? NO-thing can you achieve.

When oliver and wilbur wright wanted to fly like a bird, they didn't just talk and dream till' they die. BUt they work hard to achieve it, the design a plan, they study the flow of the wind, they check how the pressure of the wings, and walllllahhhh...there you have it, a plane prepared for you to fly everywhere.

 SO, just sit back and relax doesn't really appropriate to use in achieving your target, this quotes only better being use in an airplane, not for you STUDENTS or dream-catcher people.

So please !!!... start to achieving your target now, its now or never, A country cannot win world cup if they doesnt preapare for their team mentally and physically from the first trainiing, instead, they will get a big mualing for not ready (world cup mode)

MAke yourselF USeful..

If you cannot fixed soething, don't destroy it..

If you cannot beat em'..join em'..

Thats the way that every muslim should know..and apply it in their life. You know, sometimes we doesn't know our true USE in this life until we can really face the situation.

U all see, Allah created us in many ways, many shape and races, different colour of skin and truly different brain. But, we all can contribute to a same point, making the world a better place to live, and make sure islam is being respected by all, not being afraid to.

SO, have you tought of what you can contribute to ISLAM? i don't care wether you studied islamic or not, engineering, or teacher, or many others, as long the spirit is in you, make yourself useful for islam. Thats the true way of life, and thats what many youngster reaaaaaaaaaaaally failed to see. If you think life is just for fun, just for hepi-hepi joli-joli.. Then its not the true purpose of life for you.

LIVE yourself USEFUL for others, and you will find others USEFUL for YOU..
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