Leta learn Philosophy

Philosophy is a knowledge that utilise all our thought and mind, take hold of our feelings and emotions, and discover a new idea not known to the world.

To be a philosopher ia to create new idea, good or bad, and make it applicable to the whole world regardless it is accepted or not. To achieve a philosophers status means you have create new idea and invent new knowledge, and it is the highest knowledge in this world.

That is why someone who finished their highest level of study is called Doctor Of Philosophy, earnig them the title Ph.D.
So now lets learn philoaophy and become a philosopher, as we can contribute to the goodnes of the world.

Putrajaya Tour De Weekend

Its a wonderful day and trying to fill the day with many things to do feels soooo great...especially doing it with my loved ones, my wife, my family, my cat.

So we went to the airport, KLiA2 for a walkabout, then to PICC Putrajaya for relaxing and pampering, went to Masjid Besi for praying to Allah Swt, and then had our dinner at Presinct 15...

Alhamdulillah lets all praise Allah for all the nikmah and barakah He give upon us..

Success is Hard and Smart Work

Success, is done through hard work and smart planning. No success come before doing hard work. If you think success is cheap and easy, think again mate!!!

What can you say about the lad who is successfull.. They start their work and make their way to the top through sheer quality, sweat, and sacrifice.

Come on mate, lets go and make this world better through our successful effort

Life is short, make it very useful to us

Assalamualaikum for all, how are you doing?

Alhamdulillah we are given the time and life to breath, speak, eat, meeting people, and most importantly the will to pray for Allah swt...

Friends and family,

Lets not forget the main purpose of our existance, is it to gather money?is it to gather fame and fortune?Noooo !!!!

Our main purpose of life is to pray to Allah and adhere to His command and teaching

May Allah swt guide us all from being astray


Holiday with wife

Its weekend again and I manage to spend my day with my wife, Asma bt Ahmad Shukri. She is the most caring, lovely, beatiful and perfect girl for me.. Thanks dear for becoming my wife.

So to spend some useful time with her, we went to KWC, short termed for Kenanga Wholesale City Mall situated in Jalan Hang Tuah/ Jalan Gelugor Kuala Lumpur. Its a heaven for women,bussinessman and woman to find clothes, apparels and all things related to clothes right from the 1st- 7th floor.

Love you my dear !!!

Traffic Jam, anyone?

Traffic Jam, a normal scenery, must-faced everyday thing for every city dwellers, those who live in the city, work or study in the city

This "occasion" didn't happen in KL only, but also other big city. New York, London, Moscow, Singapore, Bangkok, Manila and others also became witness to traffic jams.

Usually traffoc jams occurs heavily during morning rush, when people started to go to work, and also during evening when people returned home from work. Can be said the same during festives season, Deepavali, Thaipusam, Chinese New Year, Hari Wesak, Hari.Gawai, Hari Raya Puasa or Hari Raya Korban to name a few.

So if you happened or planned to live, study and work in a city, brace youself to face this on daily basis.

Islam Convocation Prayer

Islam Convocation Prayer

Let’s start our ceremony with Umm Al-Kitab, Al-Fatihah


And don’t forget salawat and salaam to our Prophets Rasulullah S.A.W


Alhamdulillahi Rabb al- a’lamin, hamdan yuafi ni’mahu wa yukafi-u mazidah, ya rabbana laka al-hamdu kama yambaghi lijala liwajhika wa a’zami sulthonik, Allahu masolli a’la sayyidina Muhammad wa’ala ali Muhammad.
Ya Allah Ya Qhodi Al-Hajat we ask for blessings and pleasure from you so that all our efforts, actions and deeds are accepted from you Ya Allah.
O Allah, grant us faith and strength, in order to face the challenges of life, during the transition period, and in the face of life, in this new millennium.
Oh Allah! Make useful for us what you have taught us, and teach us knowledge that will be useful to the world. Give us the courage and guidance to dedicate ourselves now and in the future, to the scholarly way of life.
O Allah! We pray that we may use our many gifts of intellect, heart, and soul to address the problems that the human community faces in making ourselves, our families, our communities, countries and the world a better place with your blessing Insha’Allah
O Allah, shows us guidance, and adjusts our path and ways, to achieve happiness and glory, now and hereafter
O Allah, bless our life in this meeting and gathering, and prevents us from unfortunate events
Rabba-na a’laika tawakkal-na, Wa ilaika anabna wa ilaika al-masiir,
Rabba-na A~ tina fi al-dunia Hasanah,
Wa fi al-akhirati hasanah, Waqina azab al-Narr.
Wasolla Allah  a’la sayyidina Muhammad, wa’ala aalihi wasohbihi wasallam, walhamdulillahi rabbi al-alamin

Public Transports

Tosay Sunday spending some time with my wife going to Kuala Lumpur Jalan TAR, riding the famous KTM train.. so peaceful and quiet from Nilai until we reach Ukm station..the it became crowded crowded and crowded some more.. waahh couldn't quite reach peacefullness again..

Anyway its quite fun watching people doing their thing in the train.. although with some negative views from me personally ( sleepy, smelly and so on...hehehehe) its quite fascinating to know and realized that Malaysia have such great public transport for its people..

Fulfill Parents Wishes

In Islam, and also taught in other religion, its a must that as children we fulfill the needs and wishes of our parents,
As long as we can manage to fulfill it.. for example Driving for 2hours just to have dinner with family, or flying 400km on 2days just to see the smile of our parents, its a must for all children that their parents are their priority...

ALLAH SWT said in the Holy Quran
وقضى ربك اﻻ تعبدوا اﻻ اياه وبالوالدين احسانا
Meaning :
And Allah ask us to obey no one but being good to parents

So this can lead us to know that parents in our main priority, and we should respect and obey them in good deeds only, and we should remember that Allah will reward us for all the sacrifice we had done to our parents insyaAllah... dunya wal akhirah

Palestine Will Be Free

You are not alone..
Facing the evil Zionis
Killing children, man and woman
Because we are Muslims,
I pray for Zionis Israel destruction..
I pray Allah help us all
I pray the suffering to end
I pray Allah will destroy Israel and Zionis
They are so 'animal'they don't deserve a single pity from human
They kill at will without a single mercy,
Why should we pity them in the name of human rights?

Khainar khaibar yahud !!!!

Khaibar khaibar yahud !!!!

Lets us all donate,pray, help anywhere and any method we can for the Plaestinisn people
Allahummansur ikhwanana fi Palestine
Allahummansur ikhwanana fi Palestine

Dream? Achieved?

A millionaire businessman
A lecturer
A book writer
An Islamic preacher

A good husband
A great son
A good brother

These are all things I want to achieve in life, Im a little bit greedy, not just 1, 2 dreams, but I want to become all of that, becoming a great person... giving advice and help to all people...

So much struggle and hardness in achieving my dreams
I pray to Allah that all my dreams will come true..

Enjoying Ramadhan

During Ramadhan some of muslims schedule changed than usual, we woke at 4.45 early in the morning, pray for Allah tahajjud and solat rawatib, then cook and prepared for sahoor, then solat subuh jamaah, then  preapre to go to work ( or sleep).. the we return home in the evening, prepare and cook for breaking fast or iftar, then we solat maghrib, then we prepare for solat isyak and tarawikh... great life, our life becone more
Structured and diciplined than before...Alhamdulillah praise to Allah the Almighty

Enduring the test of life during Ramadhan

During Ramadhan, our body and mind are all subject to test from the whole surrounding, being patient in doing everything, being patient with everyone, even ourselves. Thats the true test of Ramadhan for us.  But Allah s.w.t the Almighty and Wiseful doesn't it all gone in vein, He reward people ( muslims) that can stand these tests with reward not worth the world and its whole thing, the Jannah(heaven). Hopefully we all can gain benefits and rewarded in our fast during Ramadhan insyaAllah...

Ramadhan al-Mubarak

Alhamdulillah as a muslim I am glad Ramadhan arrived again this year
A year we muslims always waiting for, so much blessing from Allah s.w.t and so much greaTness in our ibadah (suffication)
Lets see, can human not eat for a whole day?
Yes !!!
Muslim act of fasting also good according to scietific researh
It help your digestion organ 'to rest' rather than working 24/7 all day all night
Google for yourself if you don't believe me

Ramadhan Kareem !!!!

Smile and your world will be BRIGHT


Yooou guys should know that smiling makes the world go round, makes the heart meltdown, make the breeze feel cold,
Dont be sad,
Open up your lips, pull your mouth,

Smileeeeeee !!!

Wanfuad is back 7th July 2014..

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