...::..See the sight..Look the sky..::...

Upon the sky i looked..
Never the life became so hooked..

Till you reach the youth..
Life is full of myth and booth..

Booth for us to go...
And to decide our life also..

When we lost our hope and felt sorrow..
Remember Allah is the God we follow..

Don't forget Him ever..
Being forgotten by Him we will never..

To enjoy fully our life..
Remember its full of surprise..

That its a must that no magicians can tell..
How much you are doing to save you from hell..

Whenever you felt your sin is high as a mountain..
Repent always,,its release you from Hell drain..

I am not ustaz or ustazh !!! why me???

We are all light to Islam..
Do you think who are responsible to dakwah people?
You, me, you and me..
We all together..
What.,you are not?

"Please sir, i studied medic..not me to dakwah2.."
"I'm going to be a lawyer..up to you la nk dakwah ke x.."
"Ohf..i'm super busy with bussiness..why don't you dakwah ustaz, i pay you?"

See fellas..
Why you ( who doesn't even take islamic studies ) doesn't care to dakwah?
Dakwah is not just about ustaz...or ustazah..
Weather you studied engineer, or mass comm..or studied medic..
As long as you are muslim..
You must dakwah people..
Start with something simple..
Asking your friends not to grab mans hand ( for girls) and the other ways..
Asking your friends to always solat at the right time
Or don't left solat...
Asking your friends to read Quran at free time..
Asking your friend to wear proper clothes..
So many simple things for us to dakwah..

"Kullukum raie wa kullukum masulun an raiyatih.."


"Everyone of us have responsibilites.And everyone of us will be asked for our own responsibilities ( in front of Allah ).." 

How are our preaparation for war?

How are our preaparation to dakwah others for islam?
Do you know..

While you and your family happily eating biscuits..
The "Kuffar" are meeting 24 hours a day..
To plan to attack us MUSLIM..
Do you know,,
When we were happily goes to school..
The Kuffar are planning to attack "aqidah" of our friends at school..
How do we can defend islam and save islam..
If we doesn't take anything or planning anything to save and dakwah islam?
I give you an analogy..
" how can a group of ants climbing a tree if they doesn't know the weather, condition and preapration to climb?


Heres another one..
"How do we fly a ballon if we doesn't fills it with air, and doesn't calculate the timing and correct place for its to landing?"


You will know the answer..
Prepare yourself for dakwah always,,


Opening my facebook..
I was shocked..
So so so shocked..
One of my friend had engaged..
One of my friend had married..
One of my junior had married..

They whom looks nothing two, three years ago..
Suddenly married, engaged...
Hey you..
Whom are born 1988, 1987 or above..
Do you think its better two married early or married late?
Which one is the priority, target, married or achieving you dream first?
Which one will you sacrifice first to achieve something else?
Either one have its own good or bad..
Up to you lah..
Think wisely..

"Tepuk dada, tanye iman dan cita-cita..."
"Family jangan lupa..tanpa mereka siapa kita.."

I phone madness...

My friend here just bought an ipdone yesterday..
Another of my friend are waiting to buy it..
Maybe a week,,and he will use an iphone..
Another friend of mine in Malaysia also want to buy an iphone..
What is happening here..
Why peoples want this iphone so muuuuuuchh??
I just manage to play and touch my friend iphone.,.
All aspect is amazing to me..
From the front page to the backside..
Its totally "bombastic"
Me using iphone?
Wait and see..
Maybe not now fellas...hahaha
Anyone want to give me one?

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