Win your life as a fighter or spare the courage as a loser.

Win your life as a fighter or spare the courage as a loser.

Same old ‘boring’ life

We sleep, wake up, eat and work, another day the routine are the same as the first, sleep, wake up, eat and work and so the life goes on. The question I am giving you all here, are we satisfied with our life? Or are we just happy with what we got, and not intend to upgrade our life?

Satisfaction is a MUST

Have you ever watching the coca-cola ads on television? Well, the quotes that they ( the coca-cola company) use in promoting their drink is quite ‘catchy’ for me. “Satisfaction” is their main motto. Lets say, I do agree with them. We only can live once, and this ONCE-IN-A-LIFETIME chance must being filled with full of satisfaction, not just doing it with dull and boring lifeover and over and over again.

Japan” lifestyle

Raise your head, and looks upon the country of the rising sun, Japan and we can really see the true meaning of satisfaction in our life, our some will call it “Live life the fullest”. The Japanese really appreciating their life to its full limits, not really wasting a minutes of their life. They will create something (e.g.: cars, handphones, robots, apps) to its really amazing shapes, even Tokyo is one of the most crowded and amazing city in the world ( tell me if I am wrong, I will aceept cooments)

Islam is the greatest

So what do we, as a musleem have done to upgrade our life? To  make islam a very very respectful among mosleem and non-mosleem? Are we satisfied that islam have stayed the same org even worse than before to those who oppose islam, or to those who doesn’t know islam? What are we doing, or planning to do? Lets do it together mny brothers and sisters of musleems. Together we change tose mindsets of non-musleems in making islam beong accepted throughout the world.

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