This is during winter..
I just don't know..
Why on earth..
Snow falls in Jordan..
While other Arabs countries..
Have hot and dry climate..
Except for Syria,and Turkey..

I just dont know...

I just dont know..
Do you know?
What to do?
If your friends are sleeping?
You do?
I dont..

Dream,,that had gone..

Hey fellas..
I wan to ask..
You all...
Give me opinions..
Can a small cat dream of flying across Atlantic ocean?
Can a big elephant dream of jumping across a rope?
Can a fish fly out of earth?
Can a football player be a legend?
Can a small kid become a doctor?
Can a village kid become a President?

All this CANS isn't just a fantasy..

Formatting your heart...

I juz finishing formatting my laptop..
In this cold weather..
Nothing to do..
I got an idea..
to format my laptop..
That was given by my lovely mother,,
Thanks mother...
Emm...Formatting this laptop is..
Sure very hard..
You erase all the things in you C driver..
And start again from ZERO,,,
Isn't it beautiful..
If we always "format" our heart..
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