Lets learn Jordan arabic.."At a bus station"

girls : Ahaza baaas ilal amman ya muallem? ( is this the bus to amman mister?)

old man : laa'..haza baas ilal karak, ( no. this bus is going to Karak)

girls : wein mahattah baas ilal amman? fi baas am la al yaum? ( where can i get a bus to amman, is there any bus today?)

old man : tob'an fi ya banat, lakin alaiki listanna syuwai..ba'da nushf saah bijii baas. (of course there is bus today,but you have to wait for 30 minutes, then the bus will come )

girls : lakin nahnu musta'jil jiddan, ehna maueed fil mushtashfa ( but we want to go now, we have an appointment at the hospital )

old man : lau biddakiya bilmusta'jil, ruh bil taksi. ( if you want to go fast, go with taxi )

girls : yaLLah syukran muallem ( thanks mister )

old man : ahlen ( no problem)


tinta permata said...


Wahh,mcm susah jer..

zamanislam said...

x susah pon, dah belajar senang la,, hihihihi

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