What you think..makes the next you are..

Be hepi..
When your life is 'dead'..

Be steady..
After your life seems destroyed,,

Be strong..
So the test of your life become weak..

Be wise..
When the life's so difficult..

What you think and mindset..
Will determined the goes of your life...

Think positiff always...
It makes the world goes round..

We destroy earth on our own..

Okeh i am stopping here bout jordan arabic for a while, maybe i will continue it after this. I want to talk about global warming,. Lame? so old-thinking? Hey..don't make any desicion too fast before you can really know whats going on.

Okay,,why i talk about global warming? Because the earth is soooo hot now. in Malaysia, for example. the normal temperatuer nowadays is about 30 something right? Thats not really normal for a khatulistiwa climate country like malaysia. and what do you know? there are some time that not even a raindrop of water fell from the sky/ Why? Because the earth is sick.

Thats in Malaysia. What about in Arabs countries? yeah i know its summer now, but to being sooo hot day and night, its really absurd. In Jordan for example..the day's temperature can reach about 34 or 37 Celsius everyday. and night? maybe 32 Celsius. You see, even the night is hot, !!!

This global warming happens because the job of peoples' hand. Its the inhabitants of earth that really destroy earth, not aliens or some creature from outer space. Its the people who destroy the earth themselves. Like that being state in the Al-Quran al-Karim : Surah Ar-Rum, 41 : 

"so there being the destruction on land and sea because of the hand of the people, and Allah wanted them (people) to taste the destruction themselves, So that they will return (to the truth, al-Haq )

Return to Allah and return to islam. Islam is a relegion of peace, a "deen al-aman". There we can really guide ourselves to make the earth we live more lively.

p/s : Al-fatihah to al-marhum Ustaz Hassan Shukri. may Allah reward you with His promise of the Jannah (heaven) for your work in making Islam being truly respected. He ( Allah) will not broke His promise to those who fight for Islam. Allahuakbar..!!

Lets learn Jordan arabic.."At a mini market"

Here i share another example of simple conversation in Jordan arabic ; At a mini market..

Legends : 
A-a Girl       B-a woman shopkeeper

A: Assalamu3alaikum

B: wa3alaikumussalam.. ahlan, ahlan (welcome2x)
A: hala'bik,. Keif halik?
(Thanks, How are you aunty? )

B:alhamdulillah maleeh.. shu ikhbarik enti?
(alhamdulillah im fine.. what about you?)
A:Alhamdulillah, kuwayyis.. kullu ishi tamam bi fadhlillah. 
wallah, mustaaqlik ya sitti, keif ayyamik?
(alhamdulillah, fine also.. Everything is ok with Allah's bless.. Wallah, I miss you so much..
 How's your day?)

B:mustaaqlik el-afiah.. wallah hai ni zai ma enti shafiyyin. 
Keif ad-dawam wa dirousah taba3tik?
(may your miss being blessed.. wallahi i am as how you see me.. 
Hows your learning?)
A:Alhamdulillah.. masyi hallum.. wallah solli usbu3 ma marreit 3endik.. 
kef mahal? hatteiti ishi jaded wala ba3dik?
(alhamdulillah, everythings okay.. wallah i haven't being here for a week.. 
How's your bussiness? Have you got something new?)

B:ya3ni ha, mush katir ziadeh bas fi shuwai.. biddik ishi ya sitti? umurni..
(well..i have some new stock but not so much really. What do you want? just tell me)
A:Endik malaffat min nao3 kuwayyis bilhajam wasat? 
biddiah 3ashan ahut bahas taba3ie fih..
(Have you got some file with normal size? 
I need it to put my research paper)

B:wallahi fi.. tafadhdholi heik kulluh nus dinar bas..
(wallah i do have that..here, just 50 cents)
A:tafadhdholi hai nus lera.. yalla narok ya 3ammah... ma3asalamah
(Here aunty.. This is 50 cents.. ok, we'll meet again aunty, ..)

B: ya hala' ya hala'... ilalliqa'
(no problem.. we'll meet again soon)

Lets learn Jordan arabic.."Simple basics jordan arabic 2"

Here the continuation of Jordan arabic vocabs that you all can use easily..Be cheerful to learn..chaiyok2..haha..

Syusmak? :
Whats your name?

Keiffak? keif halak? syuakhbarok? :
How are you ?

Isylounak? :
How are you ? (same with keifak/keif halak)

Ana jakhkhoh / ana tamam :
Im feeling great.. (jakhkhoh is more "UP" than tamam)

lesh ta'akhkhorta? :
Why are you late?

Ruh! Itlak barroh! :
Go ! Get LOST !!

eish ismak? Syu ismak? syusmak? :
What is your name?

Aan jad? / bizzobt..? :

hassa :

Ana baruh ila :
I want to go to..

Lets learn Jordan arabic.."The usage of Jordan arabic"

Hye and assalammualaikum to all..
Well. today im gonna share bout' the usage of Jordan Arabic and its different to Egypt (mesir) arabic..
Okeh, for those out there, Jordan Arabic is widely use in many part of arabs country, and not just jordan only. Jordan arabic is used in Jordan, Syria, a part of Lubnan, the Saudi states (Medinah, makkah, Jeddah). This is different to Egypt arabic, because Egypt Arabic only being used in Egypt and maybe some part in jordan ( like mu'tah, because there are many egypt emigrant here).

So don't worry if you think that learning ammiyah is a wasteful. in my opinion, it can make us nearer to the people of those country you staying at. And, if you want to know, you can use Jordan arabic at many country that i have stated above. Its truly that every country have its own dialects, but for sure you can use Jordan arabic too. ma fi musykilah...

Why we can use jordan arabic at mekkah, madinah and jeddah? because of the geographical map that put Jordan. Jordan only side-by -side with Syria, Israel and also Saudis (mekkah, medinah jeddah) so its shows why these country can use same arabic. But for Egypt, Egypt use their "own" arabic, their own identity, maybe because egypt is a bit more africa than arab. truly, egypt is a lot closer to africa than arab, thats why they speak different arab (but you can use fushah/standard arabic there).

So, have fun learning and applying it with your friend. I will help and share all i can,.

[sharing is wonderful]

Lets learn Jordan arabic.."Simple basics jordan arabic"

Okay,,thanks for all. today i will give you the basic about Jordan arabic. and i also prepare the same word in standard arabic. Have a nice try speaking in Jordan arabic my friends. 
note : ammi refers to jordan arabic, fushah refers to standard arabic

How are you? :
Ammi- keifik? @ keif halak? @ sylunak? @ syu akhbarak?
Fushah- kaifa haluka/ki?

Where are you going? :
Ammi- weinak@weinik? @ wein bitruh?
Fushah- ila aina tazhab/tazhabin?

What do you want? :
Ammi- syu biddak?
Fushah- maza turidu/turidin?

Nothing :
Ammi- ma fi @ ma fisyh
Fushah- lam yakun maujudan

Look at this !! :
Ammi- syufhu
Fushah- unzurhu

There are some :
Ammi - syuwai-syuwai
Fushah- maujud qalilan

Thats enough.. :
Ammi- kholas2 / bas
Fushah- yakfi hakaza

What time is it? :
Ammi-kam sa'ah hassa? @ kam waqt hassa?
Fushah- kam saah al-aan?

i love u.. :
Fushah- uhibbuka/ki fillah

Lets learn Jordan arabic.."Buying tomato sauce"

boy : ya muallem,,salam,,keif hal? ( mister, how are you?)

shopkeeper : yallah halak sodiq, ana bilkhaeir,,syoo akhbarak sodiq? ( i'm fine,how are you?)

boy : ana fi sihhah., fi shattah ya muallem? ( im fine too.,do you have tomato sauce?)

shopkeeper : fi sodiq,.,biddakiya shattah aadi au har? ( yes i do have. do you want normal tomato sauce or the hot one?)

boy : mu biddi har, lakin aadi bas, ( i dont want the hot one, just the normal tomato sauce please..)

shopkeeper : yaLLah tafaddhal..nuhsf dinar. ( here it is, 50 cents )

boy : teslam (thanks)

Lets learn Jordan arabic.."At a bus station"

girls : Ahaza baaas ilal amman ya muallem? ( is this the bus to amman mister?)

old man : laa'..haza baas ilal karak, ( no. this bus is going to Karak)

girls : wein mahattah baas ilal amman? fi baas am la al yaum? ( where can i get a bus to amman, is there any bus today?)

old man : tob'an fi ya banat, lakin alaiki listanna syuwai..ba'da nushf saah bijii baas. (of course there is bus today,but you have to wait for 30 minutes, then the bus will come )

girls : lakin nahnu musta'jil jiddan, ehna maueed fil mushtashfa ( but we want to go now, we have an appointment at the hospital )

old man : lau biddakiya bilmusta'jil, ruh bil taksi. ( if you want to go fast, go with taxi )

girls : yaLLah syukran muallem ( thanks mister )

old man : ahlen ( no problem)

Lets learn Jordan arabic.."At a chicken shop"

shopkeeper : syu biddak ya sodiq ?  ( what do you want my friend?)

boy : ana biddi djaj wahid, ( i want a chicken)

shopkeeper : ahh, gaddeish kilo biddakiya? ( how is the weight ? how many kilo do you want ?) 

boy : biddi djaj asghar min stnein kilo  , lau akbar mu biddi ( i want chicken not more than two kilo, if it weigh more, i don't want. 

shopkeeper : sa abhas ladaik ya sodiq, bastanna syuwai. ( i will find it for you. wait a little )               

after fifteen minutes :

shopkeeper : tafaddhal djajuka ya sodiq, azbah kullu tamam ( here is your chicken my friend, i have clean it up for you )

boy : teslam ya muallim, gaddeish hayy djaj? ( thanks. how much is this?)

shopkeeper : dinarain wa rubbuk ya sodiq. ( two dinar and 25 cents )

boy : tafasddhal ( here take this money )

shopkeeper : syukran ( thanks) 

A holiday poem..

Its holiday now and i am completely clueless..
What to do while my friends go on holiday..

All of them are going everywhere..
Some goes to Syria, some to Turkey..Some to Makkah n Madinah for umrah..
get stucked here in in the middle of nowhere...
Luckily its world cup time..
and i can watch them,.,
at my friends house..
go go world cup..!!!!

When what you get isn't what you hope...

What will you do in these circumstance?

situation : On the way to University..
Target : Finishing exam as fast as possible..
Blocker : Policemen 

what is these all about? Hahaha,,Its like this, i want to go to the university today to finish my LAST paper of exam. Suddenly i found out that the path to my University was blocked by policemen, completely in suits and with patrol cars, phew,,from what i heard the KING OF JORDAN is coming to the university, so no students are allowed to go in, STAFF only. weird isn't it? but thats the reality that happened here in JORDAN. SO there goes my preparations to sit for todays exam. Tomorrow maybe. hahaha..

The real topic here, what if you too cannot get what you want? You want a high-grade, but after struggling so much your result just average, you wanted a great high-earning job but instead you have to settle for being a teacher only( being a teacher is lucrative you know, for me laa...) Will you give up on your hope?

No my friends, don't ever give up or feel let down. What happened to us was all in the planning of Allah SWT, HE knows whats best for us, whats is really suited to us than our own plan. Its always being said, Qada' and Qadhar.

"We want a bright day but instead we get a rainy day, don;t be let down, believe that after the rain its will be rainbow," 

SEE AND THINK forward, after some bad things, there always a very GOOD things for US...ALLAH is the Greatest Planner,.

Be happy,  like Happy Tree Friends...haha

Inspirational Quotes For You,, !!!

Here I share some moticational quotes i found from http://www.heartsandminds.org/quotes/motivation.htm :

Nothing is impossible to a willing heart.
John Heywood, sixteenth-century English poet

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that frightens us most...We were born to make manifet the glory of God that is within us. It's not just in some of us; it's in all of us. And when we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.

- Marianne Williamson, American author and lecturer

Accomplishment of purpose is better than making a profit. 
- Nigerien Proverb

The question should be, is it worth trying to do, not can it be done. 

Allard Lowenstein, twentieth-century American diplomat

Let us strive on to finish the work we are in... 

 - Abraham Lincoln, sixteenth president of the United States

Far better is it to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by failure...than to rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy much nor suffer much, because they live in a gray twilight that knows not victory nor defeat. - Theodore Roosevelt
Better to light one small candle than to curse the darkness. - Chinese Proverb
You must motivate yourself EVERYDAY.  - Matthew Stasior
The best motivation always comes from within.
 Michael Johnson
Humans have the remarkable ability to get exactly what they must have.But there is a difference between a "must" and "want."  -Jim Rohn 
The best motivating is self-motivating.The guy says,"I wish someone would come by and turn me on."What if they don't show up?You've got to have a better plan for your life.   -Jim Rohn 
When you know what you want,and you want it badly enough,you'll find a way to get it .  -Jim Rohn 
Motivation alone is not enough.If you have an idiot and you motivate him,now you have a motivated idiot.  -Jim Rohn 
If you wish to find,you must search.Rarely does a good idea interrupt you.  -Jim Rohn 
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