Dear blog...

Dear blog..

I 1st created u..
Just for fun-fun,
Just to write bout me..
And on U i typed everything..
Till one day i got bored.

Dear blog,

Suddenly i got to kn0w..
masters of m0tivati0nals..
and so on..
these gives me spirit..
to write you back to life my blog.

Dear blog,

then c0me the pr0blems to me..
should i 'malayin' u..
Or should i 'englishin' u..
Or just 'malay+english' like others?..
I don't want to be like others..
Lets create my own identity.

Dear blog..

Then came the blow..
My lappy is g0ne..
I lost the place to type..
But with high m0tivati0n..
I will update u..
T0 share my idea with others..


nafasdunia said...

it's ok fufu,
keep writing,
i will always be ur top follower..


Maisarah said...

chaiyok sifu.. ;)

zamanislam said...


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