Al-Quran~with Us or NOT with Us?

Oh Yeah, the Quran we all hold, keep in our house..

Is It really worth its true value (for Us? )
Do we really use Quran the way we really should?
Did we abandoned Quran ?
What do we think of Quran?
What did we really take from Quran?
What use of Quran for US?

Do you know..

One day when you need Quran, Quran will abandonde U..
One day when you want Quran, Quran will run away from U..
One day when the going gets tough, Quran will make fun of U..
One day when the Day arrive, Quran will not help U..

So,,what are u with Quran? 

I don't know..I question U..U answer it yourself..

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