A wise n solehah wife..

This is a song..
That tells..
The True hope..
And heart..
Of every Man in this world..
A Soleh man..
Lets read it together..
I Translate it..
So we Can take..
The benefits together..
"A solehah wife.."

A wise wife that is solehah..
A beauty to the eyes, relief to the eyes, a greet to our knowledges..
She is our princess at house,a friend at the roads..
At our tangling time, she is our guider..
She keep our eys still..
Make our heart still faithful..
The knowledge given keep always..
When we forget she is the remainder..
From the song..
Isteri Solehah by The Zikr..

I dedicated it..
To every Soleh and Solehah..

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